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As every season comes and goes I always have my favorite lipstick and lip liner I like to call my “dynamic duo”

This season has been all about the Sophia Loren Dolce & Gabbana Sinature Lipstick $35.50 and The Midnight Life Collab with Sigma Camila Coelho lip liner in Fine Feather $9

I absolutely love this mauvey pink lipstick and with the perfect lip liner I am constantly wearing this shade almost daily 😁

I feel bad for my other lipsticks but they understand how favorites work lololo

Both of these are still in stock and if you don’t mind the flowery/perfumey smell that does linger for a bit after you apply I say GET IT!!

Just a couple of snaps I took with both on

And of course the one I took when it first came and I had to try it on only to text it to Josie and her judge my concealer setting in 😒 like woman, let me live and focus on the beauty that is the lipstick not the rest of the face 😂

In other news to explain my MIA ness I found out I was pregnant during my vacation in Madrid! Hence the Madrid goodies Lolololo

It was hard to find unisex clothes so we just picked up a couple of things and today I find out whether I’m having a boy or girl 🙀

I’m 20 weeks along and due March 7 😃 I won’t focus too much on the pregnancy but I will announce if it’s a boy/girl today on our Instagram!

Have a great Monday

❤️ Janet