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Hi friends! Sorry we have been MIA for awhile but we are back with this fun collaboration with Stephanie from Stephie Estie, Jen from In the Beauty Box, Karen from Confetti and Curves, and Kaily from Hello Kaily ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Stephanie had contacted us and asked if we wanted to do a collab using the Naked, Naked 2, or both palettes and we jumped at the chance.

First up is Janet’s everyday 10 minute look

I decided to use the Naked 2 palette because it’s my favorite!

I love all the colors in this palette but for today’s look I used (left to right) Foxy, for a primer, Tease, for some color, and my favorite Half Baked for shimmer all over the lid.

I also used Blackout as an eyeliner.

Foxy went on first and of course you can’t tell lololol but that’s ok

Then Tease but again barely noticeable but that’s how I like it

And finally Half Baked on all over and Blackout as my eyeliner. This is my favorite type look really simple and only takes a couple of minutes. I am really a no fuss person unless it is date night or girls’ night.

No mascara on yet but I love the simplicity of this look and how easy it is to create.

Sorry my look was boring but where I fall flat on my eye looks I always make up in my lipsticks.

Sorry the lighting in my house stinks, but this is how I look daily minus the fact I don’t have concealer in this picture.

I wish my look wasn’t so blah but be sure to check out the other girls because I know they will look a lot better than me lololol.

Happy Wednesday 😘



Update: 11:11 PM

Hi all! 

Sorry, it’s late but Janet mentioned to me about this cool collaboration. It’s been awhile since we both posted something so thought it would be fun 😀 been so busy today to write my part in but hey I’m still doing it lol

So, I only own Naked 2 and it’s my favorite eyeshadow palette. This is usually my combo when I actually decide to apply makeup haha

With my tiny Asian eyes I only use three colors and apply them horizontal. Nothing fancy. 


First, Bootycall. All over my lid to the contour area (above my crease line). 

 Then, I apply Busted to my crease and blend 

I usually use Half Baked but I decided to apply Chopper all over my lid. 

It’s hard to tell but I am wearing eyeshadow hahaha

Final look! Using my Stila liquid eye liner and mac Goddess of the Sea lipstick. Nothing drastic but that’s just me hahaha don’t forget to check out the other girls! 😘 -Josie