Happy Friday!

The first time I saw a white pore strip was from the movie The Princess Diaries with Anne Hathaway. Remember that movie?! When Michael comes into the room and Princess Mia forgot that she had the nose strip on. So, Michael pointed it out to her and she quickly turned around and ripped it off her nose. Ouch! OoOoO the sensation!

I’ve been using white pore strips ever since I saw the movie hahaha I don’t use it too often, maybe once in 2 weeks. I don’t have large pores on my nose and it doesn’t feel too oily but I do like looking at all the gunks on strips afterward LOL I know I’m weird and gross hahahaha but I know you guys look at them too!

I came home one day when I saw my sister wearing a black nose strip. “What is that?! And give me one!”

I didn’t feel like it worked any better than the white strip. It was nice to see the gunks on the black strip lol sorry if I’m grossing you out! One thing I did not like about these black pore strips is the black residue it left behind on my nose. It’s an easy clean but wasn’t pleasant to see. I will continue using the original white nose strips.

Side note: I want to wish my Gemini twin, Camille a very Happy 30th Birthday! People would call us twins in high school even though we look nothing alike. She’s one of my closest friend and I can’t wait to celebrate her birthday this weekend! 😀

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!