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When my laptop died I completely forgot all of my Sigma eye looks I created were on there and since I haven’t transferred my hard drive to anything I can’t pull them up 😩

I wanted to show this because starting next Monday we will be having our Giveaway and I included this Warm Neutrals palette 😃

It is one of my favorite purchases to date!

Some swatches I was able to find on my phone.

From left-right 

Oyster Sand, Sugar Milk, Mild Mannered, Dove, Fawn, Cinnamon, Russet, Balanced, Cozy, Innocent, Optimistic, and Warm Stone

I really love how versatile this palette is and I have even used Optimistic as a blush and Oyster Sand is a great highlighter. When I am in a rush I love throwing this palette in my makeup bag because it has most of my face makeup in one palette and super travel friendly ❤️❤️ The colors are so soft and easy to blend. I love how they don’t crease and you can create any look with this one palette. 

I know we both are so excited to announce our giveaway and this is just one of the awesome goodies we included 😘 (yes it will be an international giveaway) 

Hope everyone has a great Thursday 💖