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On Friday last week I lost my beloved friend, my laptop (sorry don’t mean to sound overly dramatic but I was and still am so upset.)

My son spilled water all over it and with tears and frantic sobs we took it to the Apple Store and sadly it was lost. The hard drive was saved but never will it turn on again

I know it is just a laptop and I had it for 6 years so technically I was due for an upgrade but I can still remember saving all my tips from waitressing to get this one thing I had wanted for years. I remember going in and picking it out paying with it on my debit card that had all my savings 😩😩😩

So many Skype dates I had on it from friends all over the world 😒

I will be sad for a bit but I am a dramatic person so this will past…

I am mainly upset because I noticed when I read WordPress Reader on my phone some posts didn’t show up like they did on my laptop. I never understood why but I didn’t bother to find out since I thought I would just have my laptop 😒😩 Hopefully I don’t miss too many posts but I do try to go through the Reader mainly at night or early mornings to catch up with everyone.

Anyways, enough of my self pity

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday. It’s finally hot hot hot here so we are going to the pool to cool off.


I posted this on our Instagram but wanted to share my new Bite Beauty lipstick. It’s from their Lip Lab Limited Release and I just love how they are getting better and better. Hope to post more about them soon