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Happy Monday!

Some nights after a long tired day, all you want to do is just crawl into bed and knock out. You were planning on washing your hair that night but decided to opt out. Solution: Dry Shampoo.

I didn’t own any dry shampoo until I received a sample size of Amika – Perk up Dry Shampoo in my May Birchbox. I’ve only used dry shampoo once at a friend’s wedding when the hair stylist asked us not wash our hair the night before. I like to wash my hair everyday and hate the heavy oily feeling. One of the girls in the bridal party loves dry shampoo and used it on me. I was impressed. Like OMG my hair feels refreshed. Wow. So, I was super excited to try Amika – Perk up Dry Shampoo.

First time: I sprayed some dry shampoo in the morning before going to work. My hair already started to feel oily and heavy. Amika dry shampoo left a really nice smell in my hair but throughout the day it did nothing. Bummer.

Second time: So, I decided to use it at night before bed. Makes sense right? Let the ingredient work its magic to prevent any excess scalp oil while you’re sleeping. Next morning my hair was feeling fresh and lots of volume. I did a quick spot treat with a bit more of dry shampoo and off I go! Of course I still prefer to wash my hair but this is a good alternative. Love love love the scent of this dry shampoo but there might be better ones to do the job.

Here’s a picture of me and Dave at his sister’s rehearsal dinner using dry shampoo for the second time.

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!

-Josie 😀