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Hmm…what do you think? LOL

Tallywackers grand opening was on Saturday located in Dallas, Texas and there’s a lot of stirs about this type of establishment. Hiring only attractive male and serving comfort food, this restaurant is basically the male version of Hooters.

Courtesy of Tallywackers

I don’t know if I want to be serve by a hot chiseled man with a red shirt and “scantily” short shorts, flexing off their muscles as they asked “if there’s anything else?” while they wipe my drool off the table…are you kidding?! Yes, I do! LOL

Believe me, I don’t like to objectify a person but these guys know what they enter into and so does women who works at Hooters. It’s a business attraction and I would like to experience it at least once. I actually do like Hooters wings LOL

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Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

-Josie 😀