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I don’t know why, whenever I look into new skincare products I always glare at it suspiciously and doubt its abilities. I have super sensitive skin so most products will have a negative reaction to me and I know it isn’t the products fault that my skin hates life it just is what it is :/

Also with skincare I always become too cheap and don’t want to hand over my money right away unless I really enjoy it and know it needs to be added to my routine. That was the case with this Kiehls Micro-Blur Skin Perfector.

There I was with Dan (he is obsessed with Kiehls and skincare) at the Kiehls store checking out for Dan’s restock of stuff when the lady asked me if I wanted any samples. I said no and that I was fine but she raved about this micro-blur and insisted on adding some samples. Samples are always nice so I thanked her and the next day I read what it was, again doubted it’s abilities, but put it on.

According to the Kiehls website this

  • Instantly diminishes the appearance of pores and refines skin texture.
  • Provides long-lasting pore and texture correction.
  • Paraben-free, dermatologist tested, non-comedogenic.
  • Appropriate for all skin types and skin tones.

I don’t have big pores and since I just have dry skin my skin feels smooth enough, or so I thought…. I applied this (blends out clear) after my moisturizer and sunscreen but before my makeup primer that day. When I went to wash off my makeup at night, I immediately noticed a big difference on how soft and smooth my skin felt. I hated admitting that I actually saw a result so the next day when Dan asked if I like it I said it was just ok.

Come to a couple of weeks later my 5 sample packs were up! I slightly panicked, I did not want to spend $35 on something I didn’t necessarily need and know I could buy another lipstick with that money and I hated admitting I might actually like something from Dan’s beloved store hahahaha.

When we went to the mall that weekend, Kiehls was having a 20% off sale and we went inside. Dan of course bought stuff he wanted to try out and when he asked if I wanted the micro-blur I hesitated saying yes, but finally admitted it to myself that I really did like it, A LOT.

Again, since I don’t have big pores I don’t see a difference there but what I do see a difference is how smooth my skin feels and my dry spots I had scattered around my face aren’t there anymore ❤ That is more than enough reason for me to buy it 🙂


This picture is from last week’s post but I remember I used the micro-blur before putting on makeup. You can’t really see it in the picture since you have to feel the smooth lolol but it is there and I love it 🙂


I got a couple of things yesterday and I am super excited to try these out the most!

-NYX HD Finishing Powder in 01 Translucent $10, I bought it at Ulta with the $3.50 off coupon and I am super exciting to use this to set my concealer. I have been wanting a finishing powder for awhile and NYX is one of my favorite brands so I figured I would try out this one

-e.l.f Moisturizing lipstick in Ravishing Rose $3


I keep seeing people rave about these lipsticks and I would be a fool not to try them out myself, especially for the price. I wanted a simple natural color and look forward to  seeing if the hype is real. I also noticed these smell like MAC’s delicious vanilla scent lipsticks and I am definitely loving that ❤

-Nars Audacious in Brigitte $32, I keep telling myself, stop Janet stop, go explore other brands and colors but I can’t. I love these so much so when I saw Brigitte I immediately had to have her in my life.


These makeup bags I found at Walgreens and I love them!!!

Can you tell I love a lot lolol but it is ok because like I say I have a big heart and can handle giving my love to a lot of things and people.

The top right wristlet was $8 and the little one at the bottom came inside the plastic bag and that was $10.

I am obsessed with Beauty and the Beast, so seeing these bags on Instagram I ran to my nearest Walgreens to purchase them. So cute and while I doubt I will use them for makeup bags they will be cute to put jewelry in them when I travel.

Have you guys tried any of these? Please let me know your thoughts and hope you have a great Wednesday ❤