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I had tons of favorites this month, but very few dislikes or fails so I thought it would be easier to write about the things I didn’t like :/

What did not work for me obviously could work amazing on you and this is just my opinion on some products.

Some of this stuff wasn’t bought in May but I finally got around to using it and did not like at all


1) First up is Morphe face brushes

I had bought a traveling set from Hautelook for $12 for a 7 piece face and eye brush kit. I was so excited to get these and see what the hype was but was disappointed as soon as I took them out of the box.

They smelled terrible like plastic and chemical rolled into one and worse the bristles were hard to touch and in all honesty felt cheap. Blah, but that didn’t make me not like them, I washed them,the scent was still there, but it was when I used them, the face brushes, they shedded all over my face that made me not like them. The eye brushes were ok and I don’t hate them but am not gaga for them either 😦

I still gave them a couple of more tries washing and using them on my face but same result shedding and the smell just won’t go away for me. I have tried 3 different soaps and nothing 😥

I mean for the price I paid for these (thank goodness wasn’t full price) I would have much rather have gotten some back up Real Techniques brushes.

Maybe it was just my set but I do not see myself buying from them in the future until I am able to actually pick and choose my brushes face to face.


2) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser

I bought this a month ago and have been trying to love it but sadly that is not the case. It is pretty sheer but for the claims it has micro correcting and can be used as a foundation it does nothing for me. It doesn’t correct anything nor does it cover my redness. I mean I don’t have bad skin or acne marks just redness so I thought this would be enough but sadly it was not the case.


3) YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Levres Glossy Stain in Number 7

While I love the other two YSL glossy stains I got, thank goodness this one came in a set with another one and a traveling little YSL for $58 I got during the VIB sale.

Forgive the terrible swatch but this color just didn’t work out for me or my lips. Light colors in general don’t look too great so I wasn’t surprised this one didn’t look very nice on.

It dried right into the cracks of my lips, was very sticky throughout the day and it was just a terrible look in general. If I could I return it but I loved the other two things I got in this set so I am stuck with it. Maybe I will mix it in with other glosses and see what I can come up with 😦

For a normal price of $36 though I would definitely not repurchase this one or any light colors from this line for me.


Honorable Mention

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum-An active antioxidant serum to protect against environmental aggressors and support natural cell regeneration for healthy-looking, glowing skin. (according to Sephora site)

This I just got in my Birchbox and I should have known not to use it. I have very sensitive skin so unless it is a face mask my skin will hate you almost every time eeek :/

This smells really good though, a floral scent that reminds me of the scent my dolls sometimes would smell like when they were new.

Sadly I used this once and my whole skin broke out in a rash 😥 It is on the mend but since I know it wasn’t Jurlique’s fault (it got good reviews on Sephora site,) it is just my skin I will use this on my hands because those look like they are aging and judge it on that.

Again I am not saying these are terrible products these just didn’t work for me 😦