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GLAMGLOW THIRSTYCLEANSE™ Daily Hydrating Cleanser ruined my skin. 😦 I should have known. I have sensitive skin and I cannot use random products. I’ve noticed that my skin reacts to alcohol. While applying and drinking! yikes! And this cleanser has alcohol.



I received this sample size in my May Ipsy box. I was so excited because I heard so many great things about it. I immediately used it. On my first night with a dry face, I squeezed two pea size on my hand and applied it on my face. I rubbed gently all over. Added water on my hands and rubbed on my face to create a lather foam. I didn’t see much foam formation as I moved in a circular motion. Then I rinsed my face with water and patted my face dry. My face felt glowing and noticed that it cleared up some of my acne the next morning. I repeated the second day and the third day. Third Day. Oh boy. That is when I started to feel burning sensation on my skin. I immediately rinsed my face and it left me with rough patches on my cheeks. It wasn’t visible but I cried when my face was no longer baby soft skin. sigh. My skin was irritated, red and super dry! It doesn’t make any sense since it says hydrating. It also made my eyes super puffy.

I restored my face with lots of Vaseline and after my fifth day after the incident my skin is somewhat back to normal. Ah never again! I think this would really work on someone that has oily skin but not with sensitive skin. Anywhoo….I’m sad that this cleanser didn’t work for me but it can for you!