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Hello Everyone! My great apologies for not being more active last week 😦 I had out of town guests most of the week until Sunday so I have not been able to really read or comment on some of my favorite bloggers’ posts. I will definitely try to catch up as much as I can ❤

I wanted to write a review for my current favorite Sigma palette but that has to be put on hold since I actually want to take more pictures of eye looks. Instead, I am writing about 2 new lipsticks I just got in the mail last week.


If you follow us on Instagram you would have seen my two new lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills line. This was my first time getting anything from ABH so I was pretty excited to jump on the bandwagon of matte liquid lipsticks.

I ordered Unicorn (light pink) and Craft (berry) since they were just released and at first I was just going to order Unicorn but if you spent over $25 you got free shipping and in went Craft too, both were $20 each

I didn’t receive a shipping notice from ABH or Paypal so I was pleasantly surprised when I got my order less than a week but annoyed I had no idea when they were coming.


First up is Unicorn which I wore on Friday, it swatched so beautiful and I paired it with my NYX lip liner in Rose.


Ugh, I wanted to love Unicorn so bad, but it was so drying, so sticky, it cracked everywhere and even started to peel. So sad because this color is so unique in my collection. I stare at Instagram pictures of people wearing this color so perfectly and I think how? How do they make it look so even and nice 😦

I had taken this picture when I came home from my son’s school event so my makeup was wearing off from chasing him, but after this I thought I would add some clear lipgloss on top.


I couldn’t move after I laid down, but I snapped this picture and it looked much better on with some gloss.

Fast forward to a couple of minutes and my lips felt tingly and I took off the lipstick only to see my lip was swelling on one side. WHAT THE HECK!!!! Maybe it was the combo of lipstick and gloss (the gloss I have worn many times and never have had a reaction) or the lipstick ingredients but ugh I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t apply lipstick for a day afterwards to let it completely heal but I was so sad about this, I might try to wear it again later mixed with something else because I do love the color I just hope I don’t swell up again.


Sunday came and I decided to take my chances and wear Craft. It was gloomy and a  perfect dark moody color for the weather. I paired it with P2 Perfect Look lipliner 150 Fuchsia


OMG was this much better to wear and so comfortable!!!! I absolutely love Craft


I applied it in the car and love how easy it was and no need for a lip brush or need to clean up the area around my lips.

It wore well throughout the day and I only needed to reapply after I ate lunch. The middle was disappearing but nothing too crazy.

Love this color, if you can, definitely get Craft because you won’t regret it 🙂

Hope you guys had a great long weekend and enjoy the short week 🙂