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I had posted this on our Instagram yesterday, but just wanted to share it here too 🙂

My most recent buys, MAC released their Wash & Dry collection online on Thursday and I was able to snag 2 lipsticks in Morange and Steam Heat, they look beautiful! I just got them in the mail yesterday so I have not had a chance to wear them or swatch them but I am so excited! I definitely did not need anymore lipsticks but this packaging was just too pretty to pass up ❤

We also went to the mall yesterday and I had to buy another one of these Sigma palettes since I loved the last one I got (review to come on Friday on Warm Neutrals)

This time I got Brilliant & Spellbinding 🙂 I swear I keep telling myself no more makeup Janet, but I cave when I am in front of such beauty that I know I need in my life.

I also bought these Sigma Girl brushes that I think are aimed for the younger crowd aka teenagers but they are a perfect travel size and PINK, so they also had to come home with me. I mean I fully intended to not buy anything but oops went my thought process when I walked in there lolololol


Now let’s talk about Charlotte Tilbury Matte Lipstick in Lost Cherry, WOW!!! When I received a package this past weekend from my friend Reify, I couldn’t believe the 2 Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks she had bought for me. Lost Cherry was the first one I pulled out and I instantly fell in love and had to put it on 🙂 It is a fun red/cherry pinkish color   ❤


It is so bright and fun ❤


Reify definitely knew what to pick for me and since it was a gift it holds an even more special spot in my lipstick collection.

I love Charlotte Tilbury Mattes, they go on so smooth and moisturizing. So comfortable to wear and last a good couple of hours. These are definitely one of my more favorite mattes to wear because they don’t even feel like mattes 🙂

I also used my new Urban Decay lip primer pencil (which I love) that goes on clear and helps the lipstick not smudge and stay put. I love it! I am only sad I have so many other lip liner pencils in different colors because if I didn’t I would just keep buying this one since it is clear and goes with everything.

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday!