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We were recently tagged by Kay from Blush and Bronzer to do this fun tag on beauty tools we love (no makeup.) Check out her answers here ❤

Besides my love for lipsticks and highlighters, a close third is brushes. I LOVE THEM!!! I keep buying more and more lolol I just love the variety and have fun playing. I wash my brushes everyday so if I have a favorite brush that is drying there is an immediate backup for it and I don’t have to worry about waiting for a brush to dry.

The rules:

  • Tag up to 5 people & let them know you tagged them
  • List what you want. If you got three things that are unbelievable or twenty… Don’t care, just share 😉
  • Cannot be actual makeup, skin care, or hair care products – just the tools/gadgets you use

Honestly I have so many tools and brushes it was hard to narrow it down, but here are some standouts 🙂


Most of my collection I put in plastic containers and I added beads I had leftover from my crafts.

I should organize them better but I intend to buy another holder for my brushes to put them into face, blushes, eyes, and sponges.


1) I could not live without my beauty sponges! I love my Beauty Blender (pink and black) and my Real Techniques one (orange), both brands are amazing with the RT one at $6 and the BB for $20. I honestly love love love my sponges and can rarely do my makeup without one. I like using them for my concealer and at the end of my face makeup to give me the “airbrushed look”


2) For my face makeup I love Flat Kabuki brushes the most 🙂 Shown in the picture from Left-Right are

Luxie-520 Flat Top Kabuki

Sigma-3DHD Kabuki (I own 2 of these I love them so much, the unique head gets into every nook and cranny)

Zoeva-104 Buffer (a rare brush I don’t even need a beauty sponge it gives me the “airbrush look” without it ❤ )


3) My favorite blush brushes

Real Techniques-the pink one is so soft and makes applying blush a dream, for the cost of $10 it is definitely my favorite

Sigma F15 Duo Fiber Powder/Blush brush is another favorite but pricer $30 but it is one my favorites mainly because I tend to apply a lot of blush but with this brush it makes it look even and not like a clown 🙂


4) Cream products and highlighter brushes

-The pink Real Techniques Stippling brush is my favorite for all my cream brushes. I thought I lost it a while ago and immediately went out to buy another one I was so distraught without it, but I did eventually find it lolol and love having 2. I never tried another Stippling brush for my blush but that’s because I love this one so much. No need to rock the boat I am very happy

-E.L.F Small Stipple Brush is my favorite for my liquid highlighters. Applies everything evenly and for $3, I don’t intend to buy from another brand

-Sigma E50 $19 Large Fluff and Sigma F35 $24 Tapered Highlighter are my favorites for powdered highlighter. Both apply highlighter perfectly and even though I wish I could just put shimmer on my face all day these make me look put together and application flawless


5) Eye brushes

I am the type to use either 1 or 2 eye brushes and that’s it. If I can I try to only use 1 brush because in reality for all the brushes I do own I don’t like using too many at once.

Here are my current favorites

-Luxie 205 Tapered Blending Brush ($12)-I recently received this in my Ipsy bag and OMGGGG love it! This brand is cruelty free and vegan and it is amazing! I hope to buy their eye set soon because I love it so much.

-MAC 217 ($24)-was given to as a gift many years ago and it has held up amazing!!! Honestly I think this is my favorite eye brush, I love it and it makes blending a dream. I wish it was cheaper, but I see myself buying another one in the near future I just love it so much

-Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease around $7 is amazing for the price and another one that is a dream to work with, I only wish they sold Zoeva here so I could buy tons more of this brand


6) Contour brushes

-Nars Ita $55, is this worth the hype, YES, at least to me. I am terrible at applying makeup and especially contouring, this makes it so easy and the uniqueness of the brush makes it fun for me.

-Zoeva 109 Luxe Face Paint (around $15) is again amazing for the price and makes contouring so easy


7) Powder Brushes

Real Techniques Bold Metals 100 Brush ($26) is one of my favorite powder brushes, I bought this when it was 20% off in January and have been in love since, it is definitely worth the price


Now for my favorite brush of all time

Sigma F90 Fan brush $41, OMGGGG ridiculously expensive even when I bought it for 20% off but OMGGGGGGG is it amazing! I use it almost every day and it sets my finishing powder perfectly!


8) Some extra tools I love

-I know some people don’t like eyelash curlers and I used to feel the same way until I tried the Shu Uemura ($20) eyelash curler. I have naturally long straight eyelashes and as soon as I got it I noticed right away the difference when I used this curler as opposed to other ones. It was easy to use and in one quick close of the clamp my eyelashes were curly. I am always short on time so I don’t have time to always do my makeup but this makes it fast and easy to get an extra curl and even when I sometimes forget to add mascara they make my eyelashes look like I am. AMAZING!!!

-I don’t know about you but along with super oily eyelids and eyelashes, I have oily eyebrows!!! So weird and annoying since the rest of my face is super dry :/ But I love having extra mascara wands to clean off the foundation and concealer that starts to come off my eyebrows from the makeup lololol. It is very handy and I use it everyday while applying makeup. The oil pushes off the makeup and this makes for a quick clean up. I always carry one in my purse and have tons laying around in my bathroom for this sole purpose.


9) Traveling brushes

These are my favorite brushes to take with me when I leave the house.

-Real Techniques Crease Brush for my concealer and touchups/cleanups

-Quo lip brush my friend sent me is my favorite to apply lipstick on the go


10) Remember when I mentioned I love washing my brushes everyday, this Sigma washing glove is my favorite!!! It makes cleaning fast, fun, and easy. I mean literally a couple of minutes and I am done


Love the different textures for face and the other side for eyes.


I bought the glove and Dry n Shape at Sigma during the holidays as a set I think for $50 with 20% off (can you tell I only buy when stuff is on sale LOLOLOLOL)

The Dry N Shape dries my brushes in a couple of hours and puts them back into shape so they still look like new. LOVE LOVE LOVE both the glove and this dry n shape because it makes life easier. I would buy another set in a heart beat if I saw it and it was on sale.

I am not a professional makeup artist nor do I apply makeup like one but with the right tools they make me look presentable and I can’t thank them enough 🙂 I think that is why I keep buying more because they really make a difference

My favorite brands are

-Sigma Beauty



-Real Techniques

I recently ordered some Morphe brushes from Hautelook that got shipped today so I look forward to playing with those 🙂

OMG this weekend I received a package from my friend Reify from ReifyLove with these new Zoeva brushes and they are epic, I really wish they sold them here because I could easily see them being a favorite for the price and quality


What are your favorites?