Happy Monday!

It’s been raining all weekend and UGH the humidity! My hair does not like but it doesn’t ruin my weekend plans. What do you guys use to maintain hair frizziness?

Friday night started off with a night out in downtown Chicago. The book of Mormon is wrapping their show here in Chicago and we finally got to see it. I really enjoyed the show but older sister Jenni thought it was okay.


It was Mother’s Day yesterday and it was my mother’s birthday! She’s always cooking so I like to cook for her on these special events. (I cook for her here and there not just on her birthday and Mother’s Day haha) I decided to bbq her some short ribs even though it rain yesterday. Get the recipe here! Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend and appreciate your mother everyday!

When I was growing up I didn’t see my mom that often. She was working downtown Chicago at a busy Thai restaurant as a head chef. It’s not until my parent’s decided to open their own business that I got to see my mom regularly. Always a joy to see her and appreciate every moment. If you see your mom, give her a hug and tell her that you love her 🙂

Sorry for the random short post! It was a busy weekend and this will be a busy work week but you all are awesome! Thanks for stopping by!

-Josie 😀