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Happy Thursday! Oh my this week has gone by so fast! I hope you all are having a lovely week ❤

So, I was asked what are my top 5 lipsticks and to be honest I do not own that many lipsticks (well compare to Janet LOL) but I have been building my lipsticks collection. BEWARE! This post contains a lot of Josie’s selfies 😛 Did you guys know that I have a whole album on my phone of just selfies? Yup. That’s right LOL

I decided not to write about why I love these 5 lipsticks and review them. Nope, I’m going to tell you the reason why and how I purchase each lipstick 🙂

From L to R (no particular order)

  1. Charlotte Tilbury – Bitch Perfect
  2. Tom Ford – Pussycat
  3. MAC Alluring Aquatic – Goddess of the Sea
  4. Nars Audacious – Greta
  5. Tom Ford – Cherry Lush

Charlotte Tilbury – Bitch Perfect

Ahh…my perfect nude lipstick and my first Charlotte Tilbury purchase! (okay, I bought a haul of Charlotte Tilbury product but this lipstick was the main reason why I stop at their counter 😛 ) So, when Janet posted about CT Velvet Underground lipstick, I asked her who’s Charlotte Tilbury? I was just blown away with information and Janet said Bitch Perfect would be great on me. First thought: did Janet just called me a B? LOL! Janet was in town and we went to Nordstrom where we both fell in love with CT.


Tom Ford – Pussycat

I just love the name. I didn’t even tried it on when I purchased it but I love this shade so much. This was the only lipstick I brought with me when I was in Paris last month so with so many memories. Josie and the Pussycat in Paris 

MAC Alluring Aquatic – Goddess of the Sea

My first MAC lipstick! The first time I tried this lipstick was in Mexico for Janet’s Bachelorette Trip. I didn’t own any lipsticks at the time and of course everyone was looking fabulous but my lips were naked. I borrowed Goddess of the Sea from someone…either Elaine or Janet and was in loved. When we got back Elaine got me this lipstick for my birthday 🙂

Nars Audacious – Greta

I was shopping on Sephora online to purchase another jar of Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner and was shy away from getting free shipping so I added a lipstick to my order hahahaha I text Janet asking her which NARS lipstick should I get. I told her the shades I was leaning toward and she expressed her feelings on Greta. Oh Greta. So pretty.

Tom Ford – Cherry Lush

When Elaine and I attended the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show back in March, I told her that I want a nice red lipstick. Oh and that I wanted a Tom Ford lipstick haha BAM! Voilà! (oh don’t mind me and my confused duck face)

Well there you have it…my top 5 lipsticks 😛 Hope you enjoyed this post and my wonderful selfies hahaha What are you favorite top 5 lipsticks?

Have a wonderful day!

-Josie 😀