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Hello! We were nominated for this awesome award by Saba from TheSushiPrincess check out her answers here and Cat from My Lip Addiction check out her answers here

First up are Saba’s questions ❤

1.What is your favourite food and why? Are you able to cook this yourself?

My favorite food constantly changes because I love food so so so much, but currently I am loving Grilled BBQ Chicken, it’s super easy to make on the grill with an assortment of grilled vegetables. Yes, I can make it myself and I make it at least once a week 🙂

2.What is your goal in life?

My goal in life is to be happy. I wasn’t very happy when I was younger and even now some days are just hard to get through but that flicker of hope and knowing I can be happy and will be happy is something I want forever.

3.Who is your favourite fashion designer/label and why?

I love a lot of brands and designers but one of my favorites is Oscar de la Renta. His work always made me go gaga and it was a very sad day the day he died in October 😦

4.Who is your ultimate style icon?

My mom, I love everything she wears and I love how she carries herself. She always dresses appropriately for her age and is so classy. Even now I still go into her closet and steal her clothes because I love it ❤

5.Would you rather time travel to 5 years ago or to 5 years from now?

5 years from now, I don’t need to see the past again. I am curious how my son will turn out but hate to think he will be 14 😥

6.Do you have any odd habits?

I have too many odd habits but here are a couple 🙂

-I always need my HK bear with me when I sleep

-at our house we have light switches that can turn off the same lights but I always like them to be all down at the end of the night

-I enjoy shoveling snow

7.What is your go-to outfit for a lazy day?

-sweats and one of my husband’s shirts

8.If you had the choice between Gucci or Prada, which would you choose?

-Prada! I like Gucci but love Prada and hope to one day own one of their bags, shoes, sunglasses, anything really lol

9.Handbag or shoulder bag, and why?

I like shoulder bags with a long strap that I can wear across my body. I like having my purse close to me when I am walking around and to be hands free

10.What is your favourite destination, and why?

Rome!!! I wish I could live there. I love the people, the city, the culture, and the history. I absolutely fell in love with it when I went last summer

11.What do you like most about your own blog?

Being able to interact and meet people I never thought I would 🙂

Next up are Cat’s questions

1- If You could Live Anywhere on The planet – where would it be?

Lolol same as the above, ROME! Loves it there and wish I could live there forever

2- What’s Your Favourite Hair Product line ?

I love my Oribe Mousse, but that’s all I have tried from their brand. It is slightly expensive but I can’t live without this mousse

3- Pool Or Ocean Swimming?

Eek I don’t know how to swim, but if I did it would be ocean swimming for me. I love snorkeling and would love to scuba dive one day

4 -If You were a Wild animal- What would You be ?

A Grizzly Bear, I would like to be strong and fast and like in real life look from afar but don’t get close to me lolol

5- Where do You shop The most – Beauty wise?

Sephora and Nordstrom, I am a sucker for free samples when ordering and I love their sample selections.

6- What’s Your Favourite film?

My favorite film is Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights. Nothing picks me up quite like Charlie Chaplin in that movie so funny

7- Pink, Red or White Roses?

Pink! It is my favorite color

8- What are You Reading these days?

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. My son is really into it so any free time is spent reading that book out loud lol

9- What’s the current beauty trend that You love seeing right now ?

Highlighting your face, I am all about that glow! I can always make an excuse to buy more highlighters because I love them so much

10- A Little bit of jewelry or tons of layering?

A little bit of jewelry, but if you asked my younger self she would have been all about that layering. I like just earrings and some bracelets or just a necklace and a watch. Nothing too crazy 🙂

11- What’s Your Biggest Goal for 2015?

To just enjoy life, it seems so broad and the same but I find myself easily stressed and I constantly worry about everything that just enjoying the day slips by me too fast. I just want to sit back, relax with my family, and have fun.

Thanks so much for the nomination girls! Per usual we stink at nominating people but feel free to do this award too and let us know with the same questions.

Happy Monday