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Last night, I finally got to use a sheet mask that Cos (The World of Cos) sent to Janet and I a few months ago. I’ve never used a face sheet mask so I was excited to use it. I wasn’t sure what results to expect on my skin but I love reading Cos’s reviews on mask products. I think I was more excited to have something on my face and looking silly hehehehe

I decided to use Naisture Moisture Green Tea sheet mask first because I like green tea and the package was appealing. I carefully unfolded the mask and applied it to my face. What I noticed about the mask is the large cut out for the eyes and that it doesn’t fully cover my forehead. But then again I do have a large forehead. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes for a good 15 mins. It was very nice and relaxing to have the coolness on my face. After 15 mins I removed the mask and tapped the residue that was left on my face.

  HEHEHE this picture might be embarrassing but it’s hilarious! My face feels hydrated and softer which is nice 🙂 Thanks so much Cos for my first face sheet mask experience 😀