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Happy Friday!

Can’t believe my trip to France is over but I still have today to rest up ๐Ÿ™‚ My second and last day in Paris included more walking and sightseeing. My feet were already killing from the previous day. All I wanted to do was sit but there was much to see. We started our day with a cafe au lait and a croissant. Then off to see Notre Dame. We got there just before noon and were lucky to hear the bell rings.  


Huge cathedral and a service was going on so we sat for a bit to listen but it was in French. All the stained glass was just beautiful and there were so many statues.  

We then headed out to get something to eat. I was searching for a croque madam but only found a croque monsieur. Only difference between the two is a fried egg on top. I was still happy with my sandwich as my brother enjoyed his hot dog on a baguette. 

We headed on to visit the Sainte Chappel. Along the way we stumbled the bridge with all the locks. So glad I decided to bring my lock with me and added my lock with “Josie & Paris Spring 2015” to the bridge. 

I was feeling for something sweet so we headed toward the Latin Quarter and enjoyed the neighborhood but I was looking for crepes lol My brother said the reason why it’s name Latin Quarter because the university is located there and it was required to learn Latin. I need to look this up to verify his fact lol but we finally stumbled a crepe place and got a crepe with Nutella and banana. Yummy!

 Sainte Chappel had beautiful colors and I was in awe.  

Our last tourist attraction was the Lourve museum. Hello Mona Lisa!   

 We ended our night with dinner at a local restaurant near our apartment. I had the duck and it was amazing! I can say that I was overall satisfied. I wished I did a bit more eating and drinking. But glad I did the majority tourist attractions.   

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

-Josie โค