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Oh Oui! I wish I learned a bit more of French because it’s been a little difficult communicating with folks here but we have managed. We finally are able to see Paris since we were in Bordeaux and Plum Village the first 3 days in France. My brother doesn’t like tourist things so I had to plan everything. We started our day with coffee at a near by restaurant at the corner of our apartment that we’ve been staying.  We’ve been traveling by foot and public tram. It’s fun to see other cities train system and found Paris system easy to navigate. Our first stop was the Arc of Triomphe  

My brother and I at the Arc of Triomphe

We later walk down the grand Avenue des Champs-ร‰lysรฉes and search for a place for lunch. Oh boy this is definitely a tourist location lol. The street was full of people and shopping stores. I had to resist on purchasing because 1) I didn’t want to carry it 2) I’m so poor ๐Ÿ˜ซ. We finally settled a place where we shared mussels.  The food was delicious but the service was just so slow. We were at the restaurant for a good 3 hours! I know it’s rude to ask for the check in Paris but there’s a reason people do. We have places to go! Geez. So, finally after we paid our bill we headed toward to Tuileries Garden.    Next stop we tour the Orsay Museum. The only thing I really wanted to see here was Van Gogh and the Impressionist. The Bedroom in Arles is one of my favorite painting and can’t believe I’ve seen two versions. The Art Institute has the 2nd version and Orsay has the 3rd version. It was great to see more of Van Gogh self portrait. 

Bedroom in Arles (3rd version)

We decided to take a break from all of the tourist attractions and walked off the main street to a restaurant for another cup of coffee. It’s so relaxing to just sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere. Off we go and headed toward the beautiful Eiffel Tower. It was a long way from where we were so we traveled by foot in hope to view the sunset on top.  


Success! It was just so lovely to experience this moment. 

HK Riceball wanted a picture with the Eiffel Tower

Oh what a day! We walked about 12 miles that day (according to my iPhone app) We are off on our second day here in Paris and flying back home on Thursday. So much to see and more to post! Apologies again if I don’t respond to your comments but thank you so much for reading! Au Revoir for now 

-Josie ๐Ÿ™‚