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So sorry for the delay in posting today 😦 but I had a good reason!

I went to the Nordstrom Trend Show today and OMG it was so much fun!! Look at all the loot I came out with πŸ™‚

I had booked my appointment at the Chanel counter at 10am this morning to have a makeover and see their new summer collection, but sadly they still haven’t received their summer line so I did get a makeover with some of their Spring line stuff




I have to say my favorite counter was the YSL because of the lady named Kim. I mean she is the one that gave me all the samples shown in the first picture. She kept giving them to me and while I did buy some lip products from Chanel, they were rather cheap on their samples. It had to take me noticing they messed up both my lip purchases up for them to feel bad and give me samples.

I am a sucker for samples, I absolutely love them!!! Gift with Purchase, hello I am sold! So when they advertise “Trend Show” receive a bag with samples and makeover and get no samples I get slightly sad. Β Whomp Whomp Nordstrom you failed me. I mean Josie got an awesome bag in the Chicago one why not for the Mall of America in MN. Oh well, hopefully Sunday at Sephora will be better πŸ™‚


Thank goodness for good ole Kim at YSL. I bought 2 lipsticks from her, but since one was sold out she is shipping that one to me.

Overall I had a great time walking from counter to counter and trying on way too many lipsticks and loving them all! The ladies at every counter were so sweet and I even got a sample of the Dior Nude Air foundation I hope to buy this Sunday at the Sephora sale ❀

If you haven’t already, call your Nordstrom’s and book an appointment for your favorite counter for your local “Trend Show.” I believe cost varies for every Nordstrom since I know Josie paid $20 but got it back in a coupon she could buy whatever she wanted that day and mine was free.

Have a great weekend!