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It all started this morning I had just turned off my phone alarm and per usual I logged into our Instagram and looked at the Search section for pictures I may like and accounts suggested to me when I see my very own picture staring at me.

WHAT THE HECK!!!!! I had a flurry of emotions from anger, to flattered, to confused


This chick had the nerve to post my picture as her own! I mean the caption is in itself hilarious “Finally arrived”

She claims to be a marketing and branding student which is again HILARIOUS!!!! This chick I swear


I was so distraught on what to do, I put our account on private, blocked her, and then spoke with Josie.

I had to get my son ready for school so I couldn’t immediately look into it but thank goodness for Josie. She filed a claim, sent me an email on what to do, I also filed a claim, and Instagram successfully took down the picture!!

Josie let me know she got the email that they took it down 🙂

If this ever happens to you please click on this link and file a claim too


Thank goodness for Josie’s quick thinking and a huge thank you for Romy from Ymor Beauty for also messaging this girl and tweeting about it. I swear the friends you meet on here are amazing!!!

I was so happy how fast Instagram handled the matter and I love them even more for this ❤

I also find it funny her “friends” are trying to follow us on Instagram now and it is just crazy.

I sit here thinking why did this girl do this, but more importantly why do people in general do this?

The need to want to seem like they have more when they don’t is so weird to me.

I didn’t grow up with much. I am grateful I had a roof over my head. We ate beans and eggs for breakfast and dinner and for years I ate cold mac and cheese for lunch (which again is still really nice compared to people who don’t have anything.) I didn’t have a lot and always had hand me down boy clothes since I grew up with 3 older brothers. Never had Barbies or a lot of toys in general. My mom would drop me off at the library and that is where I got to read and dream. I didn’t have many friends or got to go outside. I didn’t mind too much since by nature I think I was a loner. Our shoes were Payless which I am not complaining, I still love Payless and always will but I remember the wanting of new Nikes or Reeboks, or anything name brand. I remember wanting a new dress or clothes that actually fit me. I remember the years my brothers and I would sit in a row and clean our gym shoes with toothbrushes to make them look cooler than they were.

Never in my life would I even consider stealing or pretending to be something I wasn’t. I dreamed and I worked all the time. I remember my first job I was 6 years old and I offered to clean my neighbor’s yard I got $10 and that was a lot to me. I saved it and then I went to my other neighbors and it began my small business. My brothers would shovel to make money in the winter and I would clean the cars. We didn’t make a lot but it was fun and something we could make our own money. As I got older I worked at my high school for minimum wage, Marshalls and waitressing for college, then I got my sales jobs and I still waitressed. I worked 2-3 jobs at a time, I never wanted to depend on anyone and I paid for what I wanted and saved.

So for someone to steal from me angers me because I know how hard it is to get something and for someone just to take it is WRONG!!!

I am sorry I am just babbling but I can’t even really express my frustration. I can’t really express what my childhood was like or even what it is now. Not to be confusing but I did enjoy my childhood I learned early on a lot of things that I am forever grateful for.

I am just hurt and I know this won’t be the last time something like this happens, but this was the first I caught it and so I will sit and be mad for a bit then as I normally do put it behind me and move on.

I thoroughly enjoy posting on Instagram and might start to watermark my pictures I don’t know but for now I will just write this post to vent.

If this ever happens to you let us know we will rally behind you and support you because we know how it feels. Do not hesitate to contact us or ask questions. Stuff like this happens constantly but there is something we can do as it was shown today thanks to Instagram