Take a look at a lipstick that you love and use frequently. No longer in the same packaging form? Might have developed a different shape. Ever thought that shape might mean something? LOL I stumbled this article with diagrams describing what the shape of your lipsticks says about you.

All diagrams and descriptions are directly from the article. 

1. The Point

You are lovable and family-oriented, if not a little domestic yourself. You don’t only talk about something, but you go and do it. Sometimes you’re stubborn over little things, but your friends don’t mind because you constantly like to have them around. Oh, and you exaggerate a little bit on stories. Try to work on that.

2. The Round

You’re a pretty easy-going person and known as the peace-maker of your friend group. You’re steady and even-tempered, which is probably why you’re so likable. Not only are you easy to be friends with, you’re pretty generous as well.

3. The Recliner

You’re full of ideas and simply cannot contain the excitement of a new one! You’re talkative, energetic ,and love attention. Beyond that, you love love and tend to fall into it pretty easily (no doubt with the help of your lipstick). Your friends know you as the one they can call at any hour.

4. Flat Top

You have high morals and are very to-the-point with them (ironic, isn’t it?). You’re dependable, quick minded, and quick-witted. Challenges give you an adrenaline rush. Despite all of the tasks that occupy your mind, you’re careful about your appearance. My guess is Hilary Clinton’s lipstick looks something like this.

5. Double-Edged Sword

You’re the detective of your friends, which you have tons of because you know who their crush is hanging out with on a certain night. You’re adventurous and exciting, but sometimes your complex mind is too much for even you to handle.

Which one are you? Take our Poll to see what others are! Janet and I noticed our lipsticks.

Janet’s lipstick in Recliner form

As you can see Janet is a true Recliner hahaha and the description matches her so well!

Josie’s lipstick in Original form

For me…my lipsticks still looks like it’s in the original form. Janet says I don’t use my lipsticks enough but I actually do use this lip. So, I did some digging and there is a Slant Close to Original Shape. Description: Abides by the rules. Great follower. Doesn’t like too much attention. A little self-conscious, reserved. Schedule driven. May occasionally want to attract. Attention: dye hair, new outfits. Wow, that’s me alright LOL

Can’t wait to read what shape you guys are 🙂 Thanks for participating!