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On Monday night I received my first order from Beautylish. WOW, they have crazy fast shipping, I just placed it on Thursday and I got it on Monday.

Anyways besides more Bioderma I also put it my order for Charlotte Tilbury Beach Stick in Moon Beach ($45) I chose this shade because it seemed to be the most subtle and in case I didn’t like it I could easily give it to one of my friends.

Yesterday I immedietly put it on since I was feeling lazy and a simple look is what I was going for and this did just that πŸ™‚ Sad to say I didn’t take any selfies but I got lots of compliments from my friends I was with and they all wanted to know what I was wearing. I told them all about Charlotte Tilbury and I had packed it just in case I needed to reapply (I didn’t, but it is very travel friendly) and they all loved the packaging and color. I wish I was a worker for CT because most placed their orders last night and all texted me to show me the shades they got.


You can see it is a very nice peachy color with shimmer in it


Since my arm is darker than my actual face when I blended it on my arm it faded/disappeared but up close you could see the shimmer and glow.

I love how easy this is to apply, I always apply my makeup by the sink and wash my hands after every product I use even if I don’t use my fingers but for this one I did apply it with my fingers.

At first I thought it would be sticky, but nope it was easy to blend out and didn’t feel heavy at all.

I must say I wasn’t that impressed when I first heard about the CT Beach Sticks but now I want another one I am looking at Es Verda (coral red) and Las Salinas (pink)

This is a lip to check product like most cream products but I own way too many lipsticks to not just use a lipstick. It is again very travel friendly and I can see myself just packing this on vacation as opposed to other blushes to save room. I also love the vanillay smell much like the MAC lipstick scent it is so yummy mmm

I will be posting a follow up impression because I only wore it yesterday and while I loved it sometimes things can go awry after a couple of uses


In other news I just received my first Julia Petit lipstick in Acai, a dark berry matte color I can’t wait to put it on ❀ I know, I own way too many berry lipsticks but I can’t say no to more lolol. Last week I mentioned my bestie Laney got me the Boca lipstick and Linda blush and I have one more lipstick in the mail from this collection. I am excited to get them all πŸ™‚

Happy Hump Day,