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Lately I have been obsessed with these two products! I just cannot get enough of them πŸ™‚

First off is the Bioderma Makeup Remover, to say I am OBSESSED is an understatement! I received this one from my beauty swap with Reify and it is incredible! I usually use wipes then wash my face with a cleanser but my Costco wipes always sting my eyes and burns 😦

This does not! I mean not to sound crazy but I even pressed the cotton ball in my eye to see if it would sting and nothing!! Omg love this and recommend it everyone and their mother ❀

You can find it on Beautylish.com and if you are a new member you get $10 off $50 purchase so I already ordered a backup lolol. I have also begged Josie to get me more for when she goes to Paris hahaha, love you Jo ❀


I use a regular cotton ball dab a little of the water and then


All of my makeup comes off, again this stuff is amazing!!!!

You can order 500ml bottle and a travel size bonus bottle for $20 right now on Beautylish! Ahhhh!


Next is this top coat HK Girl I received from Jacqueline and this has changed my whole nail polish routine around!

I constantly wash my hands like 100 times a day so painting my nails has always been eh to me. I get a mani/pedi every couple of months but nail care was certainly not on my list because nail polish always chips and fades from all the hot water and soap.

This top coat though has me looking forward to painting my nails more often πŸ™‚ I painted them on Monday morning (with the help of my son lololol he added the dots for fun) and it is now Thursday and I only have very small chips on two of fingers out of ten. My jaw is dropped as I write this because that is incredible!!! I am so use to them chipping that I cannot believe this and love Jacqueline for introducing this to me ❀


Finally the Julia Petit Collection came out and my best friend since 2nd grade Elaine went to get the two things I desperately wanted from this collection.



Ahhhh I go back to Chicago for Easter and will be picking these up from her and I can’t thank her enough because she is my life saver. When this got launched this morning I tried buying Boca and Acai since I didn’t want to wait but Boca got taken out of my cart as I was checking out but I was only able to get Acai.

I can’t believe how fast the lipsticks sold out and the blush. I sometimes get annoyed with these MAC collections because it is crazy and stressful. This was suppose to be released last week online but MAC fail it wasn’t then it was suppose to be released in stores today but some released yesterday. So confusing! And even more annoying is seeing people buy multiples just to sell them online for double or triple the price. Ridiculous!! I especially hated that the lipstick got taken out of my cart as I was checking out I wish they had a limit on how many you buy of each product for these LE collections and at least 5 min to check out. Ugh!! Happy I got what I wanted but sad for anyone who missed this 😦

Happy Thursday!!