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This past weekend I was in San Diego with my family for a fun annual Spring Break trip. Last year we went to South Dakota and saw Mount Rushmore this year we wanted somewhere warm and to take our son to one of our favorite places so we decided to go to San Diego.

We have been a couple of times already so we knew what we wanted to do and I was super excited because we finally were going to go to Legoland!!!

This picture above was taken at Sea World


Don’t judge my hat lolol it protected me from the sun and I was able to keep my bun up which is how I love styling my hair most of the time ❀


These were also taken at Sea World πŸ™‚ My favorite thing to do is feed the manta rays so I was so excited and happy that Dylan (my son) was able to finally experience what I am always mentioning. He was so scared at first but ended up feeding them like a pro by the end of the day.


At Legoland it was Star Wars weekend so I was beyond excited and took multiple pictures with all the characters. I think I was more excited than Dylan lolol.

Ewoks are my ultimate favorite and as soon as saw this little guy I ran and hugged him as if we were already friends. I might have scared him but I was just so excited!!!!


I love the San Diego Zoo! This was taken as soon as we walked in the zoo.


We our a family of sweets lovers so this was at one of the multiple ice cream/gelato/candy stores we stopped at ❀

I took a bunch of pictures and videos with multiple cameras but I do not want to overload this post with too many pictures hahahahah

I was sad to come home yesterday afternoon but I am happy to reorganize my makeup and push up all my happy Springy colors to the front of my makeup drawer


Here are some lipsticks I cannot wait to use these next few months. I will try to do a look for them but I just get too self conscious but will strive to be better πŸ™‚

I got the Bite Beauty Lip Lab Limited Release Shade 003 yesterday in the mail and it is beautiful!!! I love all reds and pinks so this was no surprise I would love this one, I am only kicking myself in the behind wishing I ordered the past 2 months. I will not be making that mistake again and will just order every month’s moving forward. Hope to show you guys this one on Friday.

*******This is just a reminder if you want the MAC Julia Petit collection it comes out tomorrow March 12 online*******Β 

I only have 1 MAC in my state (they sadly stink and don’t get all the LE collections) and will be watching the site like a hawk tonight into the morning because I want the lipsticks and the blush from this collection.

The past collections have been released between 5-7am CTS but that can always change and MAC likes to mess with us so who knows what time and when it will be actually released. This collection also comes to stores March 19th if you aren’t able to order online.

Happy Wednesday,