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Guys I am going crazy over the recent MAC releases, like legit crazy!

Cinderella came out today in stores and I am happy I was able to order mine last week because this morning when I went to the mall there was already a line!

I love the eyeshadow palette, I’m terrible at swatching but this went from L-R the top row then middle then all the way to the right is the bottom.

I was really worried this wouldn’t look good on me but it did omg it did!!

I don’t like the lipsticks, I ordered both but am returning them since they do not look good on me at all!

I love the lipgloss I bought Happily Ever After and today bought Glass Slipper.

Overall this collection was very nice I just wish the lipsticks were better πŸ˜’

Yesterday my MAC Bao Bao came in and it is beautiful!!!

Out of the 2 collections I love this one the most ❀️

I bought

Summer Opal-beauty powder

Burmese Kiss and Forbidden Sunrise lipsticks. They are amazing!!! I was playing with them yesterday and forgot to take pictures but if you can, get them!!

My stars were aligned and I was able to find a Lavender Jade and it is getting shipped to me.

*****UPDATE- Sadly I was not able to get Lavender Jade because they miscounted and sold out and called me to tell me they sold all of them to customers coming in 😦 The happy news is I was able to get my best friend the stuff she wanted and so I am not too upset because I know she will be super happy

The next couple of weeks there is the Julia Petit and Phillip Traecy and I need those lipsticks in my life too.

Anyone else get going Gaga for MAC at the moment? Did you buy anything from these collections? Please share 😘