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Yay it is Friday!!! I have not been feeling my greatest this week but I am now on medicine so I should be in tip top shape any day now πŸ™‚

Drugstore makeup has really caught my eye these past few weeks and my little collection is growing πŸ™‚


Anyways, since I was sick aka a big baby this week, Dan has been really great and stayed home this week instead of traveling.

Before we got married, every time I was sick he would bring me a goodie bag of saltines, soup, medicine, cough drops, magazines, and candy. I loved it! Since we moved though I haven’t really gotten this bad in a long time so I had forgotten about the get well bag until this week when he came home with one.

It was really sweet and I felt loved by it all. I was most surprised about the Physicians Formula New York City Bronzer. I forget how much he really listens to my thoughts since I ramble a lot and I even forget what I say lolol

I haven’t touched the Paris one because I don’t want to mess it up but I can see myself using the NYC one. I love both cities but come on it’s Paris and it trumps a lot of cities so I couldn’t bare to use it.

I know I don’t use bronzer in general but I am looking super pale as of late so I may dive in for my first real experience with bronzer.


Also here is my latest little baby (another fail at my lipstick ban, oops.) I love Catherine so much! I realize I may use the word love too loosely when it comes to Nars Audacious Lipsticks but it’s true! They are all so beautiful and this one is my Lady Catherine. A beautiful “sunny guava” color I adore her. I wore her this week and just when I was about to take a picture I threw up 😦 I will be wearing her soon so she will be back on looking amazing πŸ™‚

****Side thought- I hate throwing up the most because I get super chapped lips and now they are cracked and bleeding πŸ˜₯


Recently, I am loving the colors coral, orange, and salmon ❀ I am buying everything in sight, if it comes in these colors it will be going home with me lol

I was cleaning my makeup stuff this week and found this amazing Lorac lipstick the one right next to the lollipop (my doctor was so nice and gave me one when I went in this week) in the color Coral.

I couldn’t believe it because I forgot I bought this in November on sale and I guess I just pushed it to the back but I am wearing it right now and loving the Vanilla smell. My lips are gross but it feels so moisturizing and the color is great against my skin tone. I hope to post a picture another time but because of this one I am going to check out more Lorac lipsticks.

Stay beautiful!!!