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Yesterday, I had one scariest road experience on my way home from work. Let’s just say I’m glad nothing happened to me and I didn’t hit nor I was hit by other vehicles. I’ve been going to a supplier facility this entire month and I’m still not used to the route. Last night it started to snow and I knew I had to drive slow and careful. These past few days I was driving my dad’s car because he didn’t pass his emission test and it was advise to drive on the highway. My father hates driving the highway so I volunteered to take his car to get oxygen pump up. Anyways, as the snow was falling, I was approaching a curve and started to press lightly on the brakes. I started to feel the car to swirl a little bit and panic. I then pressed the brakes harder (big mistake) and my car all of the sudden crossed 4 busy lanes toward the median. There were patches of ice on the road from previous snow fall and that’s where I landed. I parked my car and was shoken up. I replayed in my head over and over because I knew what to do when something happens like this but it didn’t registered at the time. So, I want to share the two thing to do when you’re in this situation:

  • Release your brakes – They will lock up and ABS (antilock) does not work well on ice. It’s hard to control sliding wheels so it’s best to release the brakes
  • Turn your vehicle into the slides – watch which way your car is going and follow that direction. Going the opposite directions will cause the car to slide the opposite direction. 

Drive safely!