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If you follow us on Instagramย you would have seen this picture, eeek I love it all lolol.

Last weekend Dan promised me a lipstick of my choosing while at the mall, sadly they didn’t have the one I wanted there so I ordered it online and also put the code for the free 3 mini lipsticks.

I ended up getting Dior Rouge Couture in 475 Rose Caprice, it is a lot brighter than I expected but no fear it will have a good home with me. I haven’t even tried it on since I am trying to use as many dark colors as I can but let’s get real I will be trying that baby later on this week lolol. It is my first Dior product and I am failing at sticking to dark colors anyway, I always gravitate to bright happy colors so no point resisting anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

The free 3 mini lipsticks are soooo cute, I got a Smashbox lipgloss, a Buxom and Urban Decay lipstick and they are too cute to use but you know I will. The colors are all beautiful, if I wasn’t so lazy I would get up and look for the names lolol Well it is Monday so my laziness is excusable I hope โค

I somehow lost my Real Techniques Stippling Brush and so a quick trip to Ulta was in order to use up that 20% off anything coupon. I surprised myself and only left with the brush and one NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Napoleon. My Ulta really stinks at cleaning up and restocking so it was a miracle I was able to find that one and now I need more ย NYX but will wait for a BOGO sale since those always pop up just have to wait.

While heading to CVS for half price boxed Valentine’s Day chocolates I saw Milani was having a BOGO sale so I jumped at the chance to finally own some of their Baked Blushes. I bought Luminoso and Rose D’Oro, I have used Luminoso a couple of times and really like it. I want more but I don’t need more so for now I am very happy with these and can’t wait to use Rose D’Oro maybe even today!! I am sad I didn’t jump at the chance to buy some Milani lipsticks oh well I will just wait for another sale. I did see Physicians Formula was having $5 off their stuff so as soon as saw the Paris Bronzer I had to own it. I don’t even wear bronzer that often if at all but like most people I love anything Paris and had to have it in my collection. I almost used it but resisted because I don’t want the gold to come off, it is just so pretty. If it didn’t cost me $10 I would have used it already since it would seem like a waste of money but it was only $10 and I had CVS Bucks so it was even cheaper!! For now I will stare and maybe get the NYC one to see if the quality is even worth ruining the Paris one, it is SPF 30 so that is always nice.


Confession I lost my battle with a lipstick ban LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I saw Nars Audacious Kelly and fell in love (lowering my head in shame.) She is just such a gorgeous color ugh I needed her in my life! I hid her from my shame but she will be making appearances soon. I didn’t even try her own I felt so guilty.

I also caved into the hype and bought the Nars Ita brush. Yes I love this and don’t regret it one bit. I don’t contour true but I love highlighting and since I have high cheekbones this hits all the bones and curves perfectly!!! I love this one more than the Real Techniques Bold Metals one but RT is half the price. The Ita is just so light and thin and easier to handle so in love.


Random thought of the day….

Why are car selfies so much better than inside home selfies? I mean the lighting outside is crazy good and I also realized I have to wash my down coat lololol But let’s not judge that since the struggle to wash down coats is sooo annoying and I hate the banging tennis balls have in the dryer and the 2 hours I have to wait for the coat to even remotely poof up in cold air.


The blinding sun attacking me but loving it. We were heading to the museum yesterday and the boys were rushing me out so here I am with wet hair, cold, and forgot my sunglasses.

I finally wore the MAC Toledo Oxblood here and it is such a natural color. It reminds me of Nars Audacious Raquel ALOT, so I am eh about the lipstick but the lipgloss omg *drool* it is so pretty and now I regret not buying another one ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


Touch ups after a late lunch yesterday, again love the Oxblood Lipgloss and it is so versatile love love love it.

Happy Monday!