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Happy New Year to everybody for the year of goat! My favorite time of the year because I get to relax and eat tons of food! My family tradition is to clean the entire house before the new year. Sometimes we would go shopping to buy new things. To have a new, clean new year! Every year I help my mom make these sticky rice cake, Banh Tet, they are a must have for the lunar year which falls on Thursday, February 19, 2015. Made out of sweet sticky rice and a handful of ingredients and tastes absolutely delicious. Many family will just buy these because its lengthy process but my mom always makes them and it’s a craft to make. My only job is to wrap them and knot it as tightly as it can be.

This is a celebration so that means new nails! Lol keeping the color tradition with red and gold haha so I’m using OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress and Candies Champagne Frenzy.



-Josie 🙂