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Hello, I hope you guys had a great weekend!!! I don’t know why it feels like I haven’t been on here in awhile it just got so busy.

Anyways, I am so excited to share my Valentine’s Day gift from Dan πŸ™‚

He got me 6 Tom Ford Lips and Boys OMG!! I expected 1 or 2, 3 if he was going to be the best but 6 I nearly fainted when I opened them. I always forget how sweet, thoughtful, and generous he is in his gifts. Needless to say I was really shocked ❀


Even more surprised he found the Tom Ford boxes you can put them in (thanks to my best friend Laney!)

Here is my collection, I don’t see myself buying any more for myself (lipstick ban I have to stay strong) but these are perfect for me πŸ™‚

Top Row L-R Justin, Diego, Liam, Cooper

Botton Row L-R Didier, Francesco, Giacomo, Pablo

All the colors scream me and they mean so much to me since Dan picked them out ❀


I immediately put on Justin, ahhhh so pretty and pink ❀

Oh I also cut my hair Friday night, finally! I desperately needed a trim and have been wanting shorter hair. I am loving it so far since it is short enough to air dry fast and style and long enough to still put my hair in a bun.

Oh gosh I love these Tom Ford lipsticks so creamy and pigmented. I only had to reapply once at the end of dinner so the staying powder was amazing. I wish these lipsticks weren’t limited edition because I would go back and forth buying these and Nars Audacious.


My gift from Dylan (my son) πŸ™‚ He knows my love for Itty Bittys and Star Wars, love these but after we took them out of the box he stole them and are now his sleeping buddies. I don’t really mind since toys are meant to be played with but I would have liked at least one night to sleep with them lolololol

Goofy was another gift, he was always one of my favorites, his big teeth and weird laugh and sometimes very annoying self, remind me of myself LOLOLOLOL. Too cute so I was super excited to see him since he came out last year and haven’t seen him in stores.


I have been searching everywhere here in MN for these Milani blushes so I was super excited when Laney came through again (I love her so much, bff since 2nd grade that’s love) and got them for me. They came in the mail Saturday morning along with my ColorPop order! I finally ordered some eyeshadows and 2 Lip Pencils. Everything was $5 so I didn’t feel bad ordering 2 Lip products, I have tried Lumiere and like it but I will share my thoughts on that another day.

The Milani blushes are super pigmented, I was worried at first if I would be able to wear them but with a super light hand and the right brush they are so nice. I am wearing Tea Rose in the picture above with Justin


And wearing Tea Rose again in this picture along with Nars Audacious Ingrid. I recently got eye drops I need to apply twice a day so very minimal eye makeup and concealer, I am just happy I can see without tearing up after awhile πŸ™‚

I like Ingrid but she is slippery than the others and I need to make sure I exfoliate my lips a lot because she clings on to lips leaving patches 😦

Still love her though because the color is so nice, just need a little more effort to apply that’s all πŸ™‚


My cutie little Valentine giving me lots of kisses during our dinner on Saturday. I am happy Dan was able to capture this πŸ™‚

Happy Tuesday and yay to a short week!