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Hi! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I’ve been trying to get rid of a cold these past couple of days. I hate the sinus pain but I love it when my voice gets hoarse and call it my “sexy” voice lol

When I got a makeover at Sephora with my girl, Stella a few weeks ago, she spritz me with some Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-infused Complexion Prep Spray. So lightweight and fast absorbing. I immediately asked Stella what did she used. She explained that this help reduces redness and minimize pores. OMG add that to my cart!

I get redness in areas on my face after I moisturize and I see a difference when I spray UD’s prep spray on my face. As for pores, I haven’t seen any results but I just started using this product. I love how refreshing it makes my face feels and I think it makes my make up look great. Kind of like a primer for the entire face. 😀