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Omg I had two great early Valentine’s Day gifts come in the mail for me yesterday 🙂

First off was my very first Ipsy bag!! I LOVE the pink bag all Ipsy bags come in so I was super excited to see it in my mail box. Ahhh I cannot contain my excitement for this bag, I LOVE EVERYTHING in it! Thanks to Boobs and Blonde for encouraging me to sign up because she did not lead me astray.

My bag contained

-Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Face Oil – We all know my love for oils so I cannot wait to use up my current one to test this one out. It smells good too and of course with a hint of peach mmmm

-Hey Honey Take It Off Exfoliating Honey Peel Off Mask – I am happy I got this, just a little sad since I got 3 face masks in my Allure Sample Society box so I will have to wait to use this one. I have never tried a peel off mask and I am excited!

-City Color Cosmetics Creamy Lip Stain – the shade I got was Flirtini and if the color matches the shade of the tube I am going to love it! Pink is my favorite color and since I am on my lipstick ban, I love getting this even more because I technically did not go out to buy this so no guilt is had lolol I have read reviews that people don’t like the smell but the shade is amazing, I hope to put it on tonight for my Valentine’s Day date with my girlfriends. I will report back next week if I like it 🙂

-Model Co Blush Cheek Powder – I got the shade Peach Bellini, the exact shade I hoped for! Every bag this month contained a blush and the other color is pinker than this one. I own too many pink blushes so this orangey one is perfect to add to my collection since I know I will actually use it maybe even tonight!

-Luxie Beauty Large Angle Face Brush 504 – OMG this is the one thing I really wanted and so happy I got it!!!!! Ecstatic in fact:) I have come to terms besides lipsticks I love makeup brushes just as much ❤ This brush has synthetic hair bristles and is so so so soft! I cannot say enough how much I LOVE this brush! It will be used a lot since I love highlighter more than anything else and this brush is perfect for it 🙂 

Overall it is pretty clear I love the contents in my bag and I was so happy I texted Jo about it and she signed up too lolololololol

The makeup bag itself is ok, I have a ton of makeup bags and I don’t hate nor do I love this one. I go to San Diego next month so this bag will be coming with me 🙂


Can I just say I love Jacqueline from A Vibrant Day?!!! First she sends me postcards (which I am still looking for a nice frame to frame them all) she made from her husband Andy’s artwork because she knew I loved his work then she sends me nail polish HK Girl Top Coat because I had mentioned how my nail polish doesn’t last. I mean she is amazing and so thoughtful and such a great surprise to get in the mail.

I love you Jacqueline so much! Not because of the things you sent me but for the thoughtfulness and true friendship I feel 🙂 If I could give you a Valentine it would be “Will you be my Valentine?” lololol

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!