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I am not going to lie, usually when people contact us to review something or write about their site or shop I usually say no. I don’t like feeling like I am pretending to like something if I don’t need it or it isn’t in my daily life one way or another. Josie thinks about it a bit more, but rarely do things catch my eye since I am not a fashion person and if a product isn’t really something I will use at all then what’s the point?

Anyways, we heard about a challenge by Fanatics to write how we would style around a baseball cap. Now if you know me you know I love sports! Love love love love sports, but especially Baseball! Whenever I travel anywhere we always make a point to go to any game or on a stadium tour if city team is not playing at home.

Fast forward to last week when the challenge was to style a baseball cap in a “sports luxe” way or really in a non workout setting. This sang to my heart since it was so easy for me to style in something I wear all the time. I own most of these products already and a fashion post on what really is me.

I styled mine around the idea what I wear on a daily basis. Thanks Jo for helping me make the collage of pictures since I am not very tech savvy.

Janet's collage pic

1) I have owned a pair of “charcoal” low top converse since the age of 13. These are usually my go to shoes whenever I leave the house to run errands and always when I go to a baseball game.

2) I have loved my 524 Levis since I can remember. I own about 5 pairs of these, they are comfy, cute, and hug my hips perfectly.

3) I am a plain white tshirt kind of person. You can almost always always always catch me in a white tshirt on a daily basis. I get this cheap pack of 6-8 shirts from Target and they last me a long time. I love buying mine from the men’s section since I feel the women’s can be too revealing and tight.

4) I love a good red lipstick and my favorite is Ruby Woo from MAC. I tend to always go to this red because it was the first lipstick Dan bought me on his own so in my eyes this red trumps all the rest.

5) I own and love this Totes Magotes tote! So cute and big enough to dump all my things when I leave the house. I bought mine on sale for $3 but it is only $6 right now so not pricey at all.

6) Last but not least the baseball cap that this post is about lol! See I am a big Chicago White Sox Fan, the choice was easy to decide which team and hat I would choose to have this outfit go around. I don’t own this specific hat (the only thing from this list I don’t personally own) but one very similar. From the stadium (yay US Cellular Field) to the food, to the crowds, to the obvious team I love everything about this team and organization (more on that below.)


Here is my Save the Date from my wedding. I wasn’t joking when I said I loved the Chicago White Sox!! I found an awesome Etsy dealer that made tickets using any photograph. I can’t remember the exact seller but if you want to know just contact me and I can look it up 🙂

Dan is my soulmate and it was all proven on our first date. He is also a big sports guy but his favorite team is the Chicago White Sox too! In a city divided by North and South side you have lots of people that are either White Sox or Cubs fans. I don’t hate the Cubs but just prefer the White Sox and it was awesome our first date was a White Sox game.

July 23, 2009 was no ordinary White Sox game, see Mark Buehrle was pitching what would become the 18th perfect game ever (no hitter reaches base in all 9 innings) in MLB history!!! This was all too exciting, we had perfect seats and I was happy eating away and watching, and the whole day was laying out to be amazing 😃

I remember a particular moment very well, it was after the 7th inning stretch and Dan looked at me as I was double fisting cotton candy and a churro and he said “do you know what is going on right now?” I stopped mid bite and glared at him lolol see I am big on jinxing things and said “yes Dan, I am aware Buehrle is en route to becoming the 18th perfect game pitcher but if you jinxed him I swear this will be the first and only date we ever go on!” His jaw dropped I think for many reasons, he was obviously surprised I knew what was going on, I knew he was going to be 18th, and I would never go out with him again if he jinxed it. Needless to say Buehrle did get a perfect game, we saw fireworks, went out many times afterwards and now I am his wife.

It was only fitting that our Save the Date be an homage to our first date. We still love the White Sox even though we are in MN, we buy the baseball package to watch on TV although they can stink so bad sometimes and I love that he keeps my tradition of watching games like I did with my dad drinking fresh squeezed lemonade and chewing on sunflower seeds.

I got slightly off track of my outfit, but just wanted to explain why I would do this post 🙂



(most Images are from the actually sites except Ruby Woo was off Google search)

I didn’t receive anything from Fanatics for this post, but when they contacted me it felt right to write about something I already love