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This weekend we had too much fun going to museums and enjoying a full day at Mall of America Nickelodeon Universe (an amusement park with roller coasters inside Mall of America.)

Since we were at the mall I decided to take advantage and pick up my lipsticks I bought before my lipstick ban. I called Thursday morning and bought Oxblood and Barbecue (before posting) but I was surprised to see they still had the whole collection yesterday afternoon. I had wanted the Oxblood lipgloss but for some reason didn’t purchase it on Thursday and gave up hope thinking it would be sold out but no it was there and I saw it as a sign to purchase lolol. Bare in mind I have used up 3 lip glosses in the past month so I didn’t feel bad buying one since I rarely buy lip glosses.

I love the packaging on this collection a white rubbery like feel to it and the quirky faces make it an instant love 😍

I can’t wait to use these lipsticks but for now I am still restricting myself to using my Nars Audacious until Spring


L-R Vera, Jeanne, Dominique, and of course Vanessa

These four enjoyed my love this past weekend and I absolutely love how they look on. Honestly though, I love all of my Nars ❀ I forgot to take a picture of me with Vera on but I am sure she will be on my lips again this week and we have seen Vanessa one too many times so below are pictures of Jeanne and Dominique


Here I am with Jeanne.

My eyes have been killing me lately and getting really watery so I have not been putting on concealer. I have a doctor’s appointment on Friday so I hope to find out what’s wrong. I think it has to do with my lack of not wearing my glasses at night but we shall see.


Lololol why do I love being ridiculous in selfies? It really is hard to take one simple picture but let’s call this one my “model pose” I am sure this pose will pop up again since this corner of the house has the best lighting.

I really like how different lighting makes Dominique’s undertone look either more purple or more pink.


I like her the most in the natural light outside, I had just taken off my sunglasses and already my eyes were beginning to water hence the stern smile trying to control the tears. Anyways, I was surprised how much I would love Dominique so pretty and unique.

Hope you guys had a great weekend, sadness to it being Monday 😦