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Hello my name is Janet and I am soooo OBSESSED with lipsticks. I mean I have always been a fan but this is too crazy! My mom sent me some and I have been lucky to score some I have always wanted. I need more lips on my face to be able to wear these πŸ˜₯

Anyways, my goal until Spring is to wear these specific lipsticks (Ingrid, Sandra, Liv, Vera, Fanny, Jeanne, Dominique, Charlotte, and since Vanessa always needs to be near me she will make weekly appearances too) they are darker than my other lipsticks and perfect for winter. Don’t get me wrong I will for sure use these all seasons but they seem fitting for now….

I am also going to try to put myself on a lipstick ban, I mean really try, gifts don’t count since I have an inking Dan bought me some for Valentine’s Day but other than that NO MAS! Well ok I did order some MAC Toledo lipsticks but I had to! Those were limited edition and I needed Oxblood and Barbecue in my life :/

I am usually pretty good about wearing my lipsticks and rotate, but I have had some I haven’t even worn and have had for a couple of weeks already, ahhh. I am not too worried about my Tom Ford ones since those are Spring colors so I will rotate those in but these Nars ones must be used!

I hope to post “look of the day” to encourage me because seriously these lipsticks need some desperate love


In other news how cute are these earrings? I love them and so happy my little collection is growing.

Have a great Thursday!!! I will still be making Valentine’s Day cards, but hope to finish them up this weekend and mailed out.