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I always get jealous of people with eyebrows haha the first time I filled in my eyebrows was senior year in high school and I needed to darken them for a musical play so the audience could see my face features. I looked at myself and said “you look ridiculous!” Well maybe it was because I was using a black eyebrow pencil and not really shaping it. Later on at age 24 I was in a wedding and got my makeup professionally done for the first time. Oh wow. I look good with eyebrows! Since then I wanted to learn how to fill in my eyebrows. But I just didn’t know the techniques or tools to use. And I’m still learning

I’ve been messing around with my NYC eyebrow cake powder to fill in my eyebrows. I like the fact this eyebrow kit is small enough to carry around. It come with two brushes; a slanted brush and a mini spoolie. Wax and two different shade color. This Dark Brown/Brown combo is great for dark eyebrows look.

I’m still practicing and I feel that I probably need a pencil so I can outline the shape I want. The thing with me, I’m so used to seeing myself without eyebrows. So when they are filled I feel unrecognizable. Or I’m just not confident or comfortable to go in public with filled eyebrows that was done by me. Haha

(Apologize for the poor quality in these pics. I wonder how ppl get clear shots of their eyes lol)

This past weekend I attended a birthday dinner celebration on a cruise boat. An opportunity for me to use my complimentary VIB member makeover from Sephora. I asked the makeup artist to fill in my eyebrows so I can surprise my friends. What I was more surprised was most of my friends didn’t comment on my makeover. I can always count on Elaine for making me feel special and telling me how great I look. But then it makes me wonder if I look alright with filled in eyebrows or make up. Is that why no one commented? Because I looked ridiculous? I’m not really sure but I was happy how my makeover came out. This was the only clear picture I took with the makeover haha I sent it immediately to Janet lol she told me I looked beautiful and it made me really happy โ˜บ๏ธ