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Let’s talk about argan oil. When it first came out I was all about it and jumped on the bandwagon, I bought 2 sets of the Josie Maran Winter Dream Set during the VIB sale, but now after a couple of months of testing it out I have to say I am just eh, ok with Josie Maran. I don’t regret buying it since it was really nice to test her products and if there is ever a sale again I will probably buy again but I realized I let the hype get to me.

Every skin is different so I always feel weird talking about skin care since I have the most allergic to life skin ever so Josie Maran could be amazing for you but since I have super dry, easy to breakout, sun damaged skin she works just fine, but for her prices I want it to be more than just fine. Again what works for me may not work for you :/


First off is the Josie Maran Argan Oil-I have used 3 of these Josie Maran 0.5 oz bottles, 2 from the set and 1 from a 500 point perk and while I do like it and all the oil is heaven for my dry skin it just takes too long to dry. I really do like it but it doesn’t suit my lifestyle since I procrastinate to get ready and my boys don’t have patience to wait for me I need this to be at least semi dry to apply makeup and run out of the house and it takes almost a half hour to set into my face, way too long in my opinion. Sometimes I feel self conscious when I go out with all the shine like I am dripping sweat. It does work nice at night but I don’t want to buy two different products. The jumbo 4 oz of this cost $96!!!! That is really pricey and yes it lasts a long time and who am I to talk when I spend so much on lipsticks but for the drying time on this I just don’t love it enough to spend that much on it.

My friend, Moira, introduced me to Echo Vie. She gave me this bottle as a birthday gift and for the past couple of weeks I have just been loving it so much! It dries way faster than Josie Maran and it leaves my skin soft just like Josie Maran. This does have a scent to it but a super organic smell, like citrusy and spicy at the same time. I was indifferent about the scent before but now I really do like it. It smells very earthy and while a perk of the Josie Maran is that it has no real scent this one does and I don’t hate it. A 4 oz of this stuff cost $67 still pricey but since this oil works for me and my lifestyle I will be reordering this as soon as I finish this bottle up.


I was surprised how much I would really like cleansing oils because I couldn’t wrap my head around an oil taking off my makeup, it is still odd to me but it works!

Anyways, let me explain how I wash my face at night, I always use a makeup wipe first since I tend to use gel eyeliner and that stuff is super hard to get off by any one wash so after I wipe down my face I use a cleansing oil to finish off my face and towel dry my face.

Josie Maran’s Cleansing Oil smells sooooo good, like grapefruit and heaven in one. I love the smell! Sadly it doesn’t fully clean my face and doesn’t take my makeup off as well as I would hope, but it is way cheaper between the two oils I use, 6oz for $32. I MIGHT repurchase this again because it does clean my face just not as good as the Shu Uemura one.

Shu Uemura cleansing oil is the BEST!!!!! No scent but takes off everything, like everything! Glitter, shimmer, gel liner, etc and leaves my face so soft with a hint of  moisture. I received 4 of these deluxe sample bottles from ordering other stuff online and I am so happy I did! For a 150ml around 5 oz it cost $42 😥 and for 450ml around 15 oz it cost $90!!! Why?!!!! Oh I know why because you are amazing and worth every penny and I haven’t even used up one of these bottles, so not only do you do the job great you last for so long!!!! I am already dreading the day I use up my sample bottles because I know I will for sure be caving and buying this in full size. It is just so good ❤ I can’t get over how clean my face is at the end of the night and so so so soft. Ugh I need more, but slow down crazy….

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Yesterday’s instagram shoot took longer than usual with Dylan photobombing and doing the peace sign lol. He is so quick! I love how he always wants to be in my pictures in any form or way he must be present hahaha