Hello everyone! We were recently nominated for this award by a new blogger Jen from Dorkchops World. Thank you so much Jen! I really do enjoy reading her reviews on everything and get jealous we don’t have the stuff here in the States, but I still love reading and drooling 🙂  Please check her out because I know I always look forward to her posts and super sweet comments ❤


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I am terrible at nominating because I feel like I have scrolled through the reader this week and last and have seen everyone post this 😦 So I will just answer Jen’s fun questions, but feel free to answer these questions if you want 🙂

1. What is a random fact about you that not many people know?


Along with my many obsessions and addictions, thanks to Josie, I have a full blown obsession with Itty Bittys from Hallmark. Does anyone else collect these? I love them and so does my son so he steals mine and plays with them all day. I cannot wait to add more and already have my eye on 10 of them LOLOLOL. Oh Hallmark you are going to take up all my spending money but I don’t mind one bit 🙂

2. Do you read? If so, what kind of novels are your favourite?

I love reading so much! I read everything I can get my hands on and then I love rereading them. I have a weird way of reading books, I love reading the ending first then go to the beginning then skip pages and read the middle then read it front to back and then back to front and then finally reading the whole thing in one sitting LOLOLOLOLOL. Anyways, I have to say I love reading HP Lovecraft (after Poe there was Lovecraft and after Lovecraft came Stephen King) the most, I love getting scared or scaring other people for that matter hahaha. Josie knows only too well how I enjoy telling scary stories and freaking people out hahahaha

3. What is your lazy day makeup routine?

No makeup is my lazy day makeup routine only chapstick but if I am not feeling too lazy a little BB cream, blush, mascara, and lip gloss is my go to for those days.

4. What object is closest to your right?

My phone, my husband is out of town so we are speaking on the phone while I type and he works 🙂

5. If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?

Anywhere warm! But in reality I think I would go to Germany to visit my friend  because I miss her

6. If you won $10 million, what’s the first thing you would purchase?

A trip around the world for me, my family, and friends!

7. What is your proudest achievement?

This is hard and a tie between having my son-we always get complimented how well behaved he is and well mannered, I can’t help but feel so proud how he is shaping up and I think actually leaving my house and moving to Minnesota. My whole life is Chicago  and I never dreamed about moving or leaving my mom but here I am and I have to say I don’t hate it. I am at my happiest here and that in itself is something I never realized I could accomplish, like Charlotte from Sex in the City said, (somewhere along the lines about) not being happy all day but happy every day, yes I am 🙂


This is us goofing around with the selfie stick this past weekend at the musuem. Clearly Dylan takes after me and does silly faces to send to my mom and brothers.

8. If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change?

Bullying, I can’t stand bullies!! I hated when my son would come home so sad because of some jerk teasing him. In general I despise people who think they are better than others and put others down to make themselves feel better. No one is perfect and I know I am certainly far from it but ugh to those people that are bullies.  In a weird way I have to thank my brothers for all their teasing as cruel as it was whenever someone else tried to make fun of me or put me down it was always easy to let it roll off my back or just laugh in their face because whatever they said could never be worse than what my brothers said to me. No one should have to tolerate any sort of hate or bullying.

9. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind of animal, what breed and what are their names?

Sadly I do not have pets in Minnesota, both Dan and Dylan are allergic 😥 But I do have 3 dogs in Chicago with my parents (their names are so long so I will say their nicknames) Loca Lulu (miniature pincher mix, we got her from the anti cruelty and she really is crazy but love her to pieces,) Sophie (Jack Russell Mix), and Napoleon (brother to Sophie so Jack Russell mix but looks completely differently and lives up to his name small dog, big personality) Oh and our family bird Roberto, he drives me nuts and always always sings at night whenever I am home. He gets way too excited I am home but it is so weird because he refuses to let me pet him and always tries to bite me but will happily sing/whistle to all my songs I sing/whistle to him. We make a great duet team, just no touching lol


Left to Right

Napoleon, Sophie, and Loca Lulu

10. If your house was on fire and all your loved ones were guaranteed to be safe (including pets!), what 3 items would you take with you?

This is another hard one because if I was at my parents’ house I would save my wedding dress, mom’s jewelry, and my record collection. But since I am not at my parents’ house I would save

-my lipstick collection

-my wedding album

-my hard-drive with all my pictures and videos of Dylan and trips

Thanks again Jen for nominating us! I loved answering your questions ❤