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I realize with my addictions to lipsticks I also love trying out new exfoliators for my lips. So here is a quick review of products I am currently using and either loving or hating.


My daily morning routine is pretty simple, while I am in the shower I wash my face and I use the St Ives Fresh Skin to scrub my lips and once I get out of the shower I use a towel to wipe off the dead skin from my lips. Some may think the St Ives is too rough for the lips but I personally enjoy using it and have yet to bleed from scrubbing too hard or wince in pain. Then I like to apply either my Jack Black with SPF 25 (my husband Dan loves this stuff too and always steals mine) or the Bite BB for Lips in Tawny with SPF 15.

(Let me mention I bought the Bite Beauty Lip Love Kit when it was $25 plus an additional 20% off in December and so did Jo. It was such a good deal so we couldn’t resist to test out some new products. This came with a couple of mini deluxe products and a full size BB in Tawny which normally costs $24, this was a major steal!!!)


At night I have a couple of of lip exfoliators I rotate

-Deluxe Mini Fresh Sugar Lip Polish-this is nice and a little goes a long way, but with cheaper alternatives like being able to make this at home, I will not be purchasing this for $22.50. I do like how I feel this is actually scrubbing off the dead skin that comes from wearing lipstick all day, but again costs way too much when I can make this at home with everyday products. I won’t be purchasing the big size of this unless I get another free sample.

Deluxe Mini Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub- I am not impressed with this at all! The sugar gets everywhere (even after I wipe it off with a cotton ball I still find sugar on my face which I promptly eat lolol, it’s sugar, it’s all natural) and it doesn’t exfoliate as well as the Fresh or E.L.F Normal price this thing costs $18, sad to say I will definitely NOT be buying this when I finish it. Β 

-E.L.F Lip Exfoliator for $3 is my favorite! I love that it comes in a lipstick tube and I personally do not mind that after you use it for a bit you feel the roughness of the sugar more. Not to sound naughty or anything but I like it rough (oh jeez that just sounds all sorts of bad) it gets everything off of my lips and no bleeding and I like seeing the dead skin on the cotton ball along with the lipstick I thought I took off but clearly didn’t. I will for sure be purchasing this again and this is my third one already and I love it!

Then I apply chapstick and go to bed, I use 1 of these 3 every night

-Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy Lip Treatment, I received this as a birthday gift and having used up my sample of this I already knew I would LOVE THIS! I do not like the steep $25 price tag but since it was a birthday gift I loves it ❀

-The Body Shop Lip Butter-OMG do I love this stuff, it really does go on like butter and for normal price $6 it isn’t bad too at all. I bought a Candy Cane that had 5 of them for $10 after Christmas and so happy I did because I really really like these and how soft they make my lips feel

-Deluxe Mini Agave Lip Mask- I really don’t get the hype about this product at all, normal price is $26 and that is almost the same price as a Nars Lipstick. First off the smell is weird (I can’t even explain the smell but it isn’t too overbearing just not pleasant) and while yes a little goes a long way I get bothered by the smell before bed. Dan has mentioned I smell like popcorn and yes I love popcorn but I don’t want to smell like it. I do wake up with smooth lips but I think any chapstick before bed leaves the same results. I put this on and think man this reminds me of vaseline and I would prefer that than this :/ It does go on thick and stays on all night but I wouldn’t purchase this normal price and look forward to finishing it up


Overall I would have to say these are my favorite products. Jack Black for $7.50 pricey but lasts months and who doesn’t love SPF 25 on it right? TBS lip butters smell so good and I do feel it working on my lips. E.L.F lip exfoliator will always be my favorite to use, it’s cheap and gets the job done on me.


Can we talk about Nars Audacious in Vanessa?!!! I love her but she is very similar to Anita, like way too close to Anita and the only difference is that Vanessa has a light purple undertone whereas Anita is more pink. I love them both very much and they are my favorite “nudes” but just be warned they are very very similar


Left Anita and Right Vanessa- you can see that Vanessa is definitely darker and Anita is very pink


Here I am wearing Vanessa and loving her, I tend to go more natural on my makeup since I am not very good at applying eyeshadow but that’s why I love lipsticks. No need to be good at it just swipe and enjoy πŸ™‚

Happy Monday!!