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*UPDATE: This lipstick is called Bitch Perfect! Not “Bitch Please”…I think I was talking to someone and thinking in my head…”Bitch…Puhleease” hahahahaha thanks for pointing this out Stephanie!*


Finally received this beautiful Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Kissing Lipstick in the mail. The color is just gorgeous! A perfect nude color for variety of skin tones. I knew I would fall love when Janet mentioned it to me. When I tried this at Nordstrom the texture was so creamy and so smooth. At first the lipstick felt a bit heavy but as the day wears on it felt lighter. The color to me looks more of a pinky nude shade and it pairs well with variety of makeup looks, everyday neutral look or a dramatic going out look.


The packaging. Oh my! The rose gold ribbed casing and the “CT” stamped on top of the lid. Beautiful.
Bitch Perfect lasted really well on my lips and didn’t start to evenly fade after 3 hours or so. (Plus I went to eat so I wiped it off) Can’t wait to start using this beauty!