Hello Everyone!! We were recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Katie from Plus+Beauty, Lizzi from thoughtandthing1Lauren from Whimsy Writer, Nicole Ashley from Nicole Ashley Fashion BlogLeah from The Pink Impact, Jen from Dorckchops and by Lauren from Trend-mixblog. Thank you so much for nominating us!!! Please check out these great ladies if you haven’t done so already because both are great and fun reads


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Now I am breaking these rules slightly (sorry), I feel like everyone has been nominated that we frequently read so I don’t want to re nominate people that have already posted this award or have been nominated and haven’t posted yet so I don’t think we will nominate the 15 blogs. We do LOVE everyone so in case you haven’t been nominated please let us know and we will happily link you to this post and consider yourself nominated ❤

Since we were nominated by a couple of great bloggers, I will share 14 facts about myself

1) I am one of the biggest procrastinators you will ever meet!

2) Now to contradict Fact number 1 lol I hate being late and always arrive to most things either on time or at least 10-15 min ahead of schedule time. Nothing drives me crazier than being late or making someone else wait for me. I just find that to be very rude and since sadly I am not a real life Royalty or a Star, I have no real excuse to ever be late (unless of course of an emergency or something unpredictable.) Although to add to Fact 1, if said gathering is at 3:30pm and it is 30 min away, I will most likely get in the shower at 2:30pm and rush to get ready and do my makeup and l leave the house by 3 pm. My husband, Dan, used to get frustrated with my running around saying “I’m late! I’m late!” like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland but he now realizes I really just enjoy the rush and adrenaline of the moment and joins me in my madness. I need to learn from my son who dresses himself way before said time to leave and quietly reads or plays on his IPad while I am going crazy lol

3) I love love love love silent movies!!! My mother doesn’t speak very good English so ever since I was around 5 we used to watch silent movies on Channel 11 or rent them. There is obviously no speaking in it so we could both understand and laugh and laugh 🙂 To this day I own a good collection of Silent Film Movies and they all remind me of my mom. When I lived in Chicago I loved going to see them at the Music Box or Gene Siskel Film Center and yes a lot of times I went alone but loved it! Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, “Fatty” Arbuckle, I mean all of them I love so much

4) Now that you know my love of Silent Films, my ALL TIME favorite movie is City Lights with Charlie Chaplin, omg I love this movie so much!! It’s funny, sweet, and just amazing, I mean everything love love love. If you haven’t checked it out please do. A close second is Animal Crackers with the Marx Brothers. I love these Brothers and while it is not a silent film always has me laughing so hard I cry.

5) I fall asleep in almost all musicals, but I love going to the Symphony. I have been to various performances but my favorites have been-John Williams, he was amazing!! He played the Star Wars score, Indiana Jones score, Superman score, I mean so many great scores I felt like I died and went to heaven. My second favorite was of course watching Charlie Chaplin’s Gold Rush while the Chicago Symphony Orchestra played live music to coincide with the film. AHHHH I LOVED IT!! I am so sad I am missing the live screening of The Godfather and the CSO playing Nino Rota’s score this February 😦 That would have been amazing too

6) I love love love Hello Kitty, this should surprise no one, but I love her so much that for my wedding, a great friend of mine, Elton, made these amazing Hello Kitty figurines dressed as Sesame Street characters as my wedding favors. See I love PBS so I knew I wanted to make a donation as the real gift, but then asked my friend Elton if he could do a simple favor. What he created blew my mind!!!! Along with the figurines, he made a cute box with it (which I have pictures but don’t have on hand.) I mean amazing, for more pictures of the actual figurines check out his flickr or his facebook Chu Creations, and yes he still has some for sale lolol. To say that I loved our favors was an understatement, I mean I thought I was happy with the donation we made, but Elton went above and beyond. He is super creative and can make anything so if you need him again check out his fb


7) I sleep with a Hello Kitty teddy bear-don’t judge. I wash her weekly, but she travels everywhere with me and I have had her for years. I can never sleep without her, I know I should let go, but I can’t she is so soft and cuddly. I am surprised Dan doesn’t mind her and always helps me remember to bring her on all of our adventures.


See she comes everywhere with me even to Chichén Itzá. I have tons of pictures of her everywhere, I just am attached lol I wish I could get her a passport because that would be hilarious

8) When I was younger and didn’t have a boyfriend (until age 17) I would gift myself chocolates and flowers on Valentine’s Day and lay them on my bed in the morning so when I came home from school I would be “surprised” by them. Yes it sounds slightly sad but I always had the mentality to love myself first and I didn’t like depending on someone getting me anything so I would come home, happily eat my chocolates and smell my flowers loving the holiday 🙂

9) I didn’t have my first sleepover until my early Twenties! My mom always thought I would get kidnapped or who knows what but I was never allowed to sleepover. Finally in college I “rebelled” and stayed over my girlfriend’s sleepover party and loved it!!

10) I love Chicago so much! I have been very fortunate to travel to a lot of amazing places but my heart will always go back to Chicago. One of my many dreams is to one day open up a Chicago Touring Company-Bus tour, Food tour, Shopping tour lol I mean everything. Whenever I go back home I love taking my son walking and pointing out everything and explaining its importance or what happened. Hopefully one day right….

11) Along with my love for Chicago, I love Frank Lloyd Wright, he is one of my favorite architects and Chicago is very lucky to have a lot of his homes and buildings


Why yes this creepy little dapper doll is Frank Lloyd Wright himself. I got him while I was taking a FLW tour at his homes in Wisconsin. I love his cane and button vest. He makes occasional  appearances, but since my niece spilled honey on him he rarely comes out 😦

12) When I was younger I had a speech impediment. My mom took me to a speech therapist and while I don’t stutter as often, sometimes it comes out. It especially comes out if I get super excited telling a story eek. I sometimes may drool a little too because I get excited and forget to swallow and easy words are sometimes so hard for me to say the first couple of times. I especially hated saying World War when forced to read out loud in elementary school, but I can finally say it slowly but no more stuttering.

13)  I love watching The Office! I mean everyday I have to watch at least one episode


It never fails to make me laugh hysterically and a must watch in our household.

14) I love traveling and always enjoy taking lots of pictures and being real cheesy and a big tourist, but I have to admit the one time I did not want to take a picture was when we went to Seattle in 2013 and the Fremont Troll scared me. LOLOLOLOL my husband and son did not understand my fear and honestly neither did I, I just did not want to stand next to it. I didn’t even want to cross the street to get a closer look, but after finally thinking “why I am letting a statue that can’t move and it is a piece of art, scare me” I finally crossed the street and took a picture. I still didn’t even want to touch it, but it is a cute family picture that I rarely stare at because even now I am getting creeped out by it hahahahhaha


Sorry for my long responses, but hope you enjoyed learning more about me ❤