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Last week while laying in bed I was browsing Instagram when one of my favorite Instagrammers, beautymakeupetc, posted a new picture. I immediately sat up and knew I needed what she just posted.

It was the Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette Infinity, an exclusive (for now) collaboration “to commemorate the Ten Year partnership with Barneys” It came out in mid October, but I never heard about it until I saw the Instagram picture.

I was already going to downtown Chicago on Friday so I could finally get a Tom Ford lipstick when I figured there would be no harm in looking. It was sold out online so I didn’t get my hopes up and even though I knew I could have just called to see if they had it in stock I wanted to leave it up to fate if I would get it or not. Well I got it!!


I know I thought about it, “Janet, do you really need another nude palette?” and just in the middle of my thought process the man helping me told me it was the last one and BAM just like that I said “Yes, I will take it” Bye bye Tom Ford lipstick, hello to my 5th Nude palette LOLOLOL

I am sure they probably restocked already, but I don’t have a Barneys in Minnesota so this was my only chance. For $58 I was sold on its sheer beauty.


I mean these pictures in no way do it justice, it’s a gorgeous wave like pattern and a piece of art. I love just staring at it ❤


Ugh forgive me while I drool a little just looking at the picture.


It is smaller than the Hourglass Blush Palette and the Ambient Lighting Palette, but still holds its own in beautiful packaging and design.

Some people might find it underwhelming since the shades are very dupable but I look forward to using it this weekend (once I get my fill of just staring.) It is expensive and from videos on YouTube people have said the shades are soft and buttery like the Lorac palettes and blend like an absolute dream. The shades are powdery again from what people say, but the only real negative I see is that since the colors aren’t separated by anything I hope they don’t all mix together and form a shade of grey or something, eeek. I do like that the darker shade on the far right has the least amount of shadow since I don’t use too much dark eyeshadow and the ones I will use a lot have the most in the middle. In the next couple of weeks I hope to do a full review 🙂

You can always call any Barneys and they can connect you to a Barneys that does have one in stock and get it shipped to you if you really want it. Rumors say that they will be doing more eyeshadows palettes with other stores so I look forward to seeing those colors and more than likely get them too lol



According to Temptalia SEVEN NEW eyeshadow Palettes will be released for Spring at Sephora January 18th and early access for VIB Rouges, rest assured I will be buying at least one more AHHHHHHHH