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I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year’s Eve ❤️

Tonight I will be with my husband and friends celebrating at a friend’s new home. Small and simple and with people we love. I wanted to do the bar scene with Josie but then realized I didn’t pack a dress or heels and buying a whole new outfit didn’t really make much sense.

I have no idea what I am going to wear to our friend’s house but thankfully it won’t be a too dressed up affair. I did find a pair of grey suede heels from my last visit and tall black boots so there is hope!! It should be very interesting what I come up with tonight lol

All morning I have been playing with my new lipsticks that friends and Dan got me. They are gorgeous colors! I love you Nars Auadacious Lipsticks!!!


From left to right we got Vera at the top, Anna, then Carmen, and last but not least Angela.

It’s hard to take good pictures at my parents’ house so I look forward to next week to take way better pictures of my new additions.

Anyway, stay safe everyone and Happy New Year!!! 😃😃😃