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I have now had my dream concealer palette for a good week and decided to give my review so far on it, IT IS AMAZING!!!!!

The top 4 shades are concealers and the bottom two are color correct shades. The yellow on the left is for redness and the bottom right pink/peach shade is for the dark circles or any dark spots. I didn’t think I would love this palette as much as I do but I do! It is fantastic and seriously covers all of my trouble areas.

I wouldn’t normally show my blah face before makeup pictures but I have to in order to show how amazing this palette is


Here I am freshly out of the shower with only primer and chapstick on


I immediately set out to tackle the red. I picked this Real Techniques brush because of its shape and knowing it could blend out easily. I have noticed I like using any blending brush from this RT to my Sigma one to MAC 217 to apply the base


After applying I used my Beauty Blender to blend out everything. My hair is a hot mess here and let’s not mention my nails that I started to pick in the shower, no worries I used nail polish remover after I finished playing with my face to remove all polish lol


Now the OMG moment, after blending and applying (bare in mind I only used the corrector colors here, no foundation or concealer) already my face looks so much better! I couldn’t believe it! It took me like an extra 10 minutes to apply my correctors but it was well worth it. I applied all over my face and blended lots. A little went a long way so I didn’t use too much of the product just took a while to apply and blend.


This is after I brushed my hair lol and applied the rest of my face-foundation, blush, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. Lighting was very nice outside so I think it made the picture look way better, but in general using this MAC Palette has definitely help cover my dark circles and lots of redness. I love it!

If you are thinking about trying it I would say YES! It is pricey for $40 but honestly I think it is a great investment, I cannot imagine not using this anymore. I love the variety of shades of concealers because it means I can use it year round which is really nice for when I get a little darker in the summer and lighter in the winter. The color correctors are fantastic! And make a huge difference before I apply my actually face. I don’t normally like to spend so much time applying makeup, 10 minutes is my average time, but I see a difference when I spend a little more and I like it a lot!

Hope this review helped, let me know if you have any questions 🙂