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Janet has been raving about her Charlotte Tilbury lipstick to me and mentioned about one nude color she believe it will look nice on me: Bitch Perfect. I thought she was calling me a Bitch at first which is common lol but I was intrigued about this lipstick. Just the brand name Charlotte Tilbury sounds so elegant.

Janet and I made a day plan to wander around downtown Chicago. We really just wanted to go to Nordstrom to check out CT products. We immediately saw these cute lipstick charms that came with three colors: Oh, Marilyn, Penolope Pink, and Bitch Perfect ($39) They were small sample sizes but both of us thought it would be perfect to test each color out. I fell in love with Bitch Perfect. I was ready to buy it lol

We later encountered a CT makeup artist, Gina, who gave us a bit more information on Charlotte Tilbury. Janet asked if we both could get a makeover. I really just wanted to try on the lipstick but Gina decided to go all out. Oh my! I’m so reluctant to use any face products because 1) afraid to breakout 2) I’m lazy and 3) it cost so much! After Gina did her magic on me and I saw myself in the mirror and I was in love.

Sometimes it’s okay to splurge a little bit on yourself especially if it will benefit you in the long run. That’s what I did lol I spent 10X times more than what I expected to haha
Here are my purchases (and I love how they packaged everything):

Gina first used Multi-Miracle Glow, a cleanser or mask on my face and wow. She showed me how dirty my face was lol but it left me with a clean and baby soft face. ($60)

She later used a moisturizer that will help my dry patches on my face called the Magic Cream. ($95)

Gina applied a bronzer and highlighter duo compact that really sold me; Filmstar Bronze Glow ($65). It’s my favorite item. It made my cheeks stand out. CT has this interesting Powder Sculpt Brush ($49) that is soft and the handle was designed with ridges to prevent from rolling for klutz like me.

The last item that I brought was the Chameleon Pencil ($26) I never really used an eyeshadow pencil but Gina showed me how simple and quick it was to use. Good for monolids like mine

Sadly, Gina didn’t rang me for the lipsticks (my sole reason for this splurge) but I did call later to get it ship to my house.
Wow! I made a dent on my credit card but hey…Merry Christmas to me? Lol I can’t wait to start using these products especially the mask and the magic cream.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!