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Before we made our trip to Chicago we exchanged one gift each, I happened to be over the moon of my early gifts ❤


I guess Dan got the hint I really wanted the MAC Pro Conceal and Correct palette because he got it for me!!! It’s perfect! The boys also surprised with the M.A.C NastyGal lipsticks in Stunner-Clean Red (matte) and Runner-Burgundy (Matte) love them both!


The Pro Conceal and Correct is beautiful! I haven’t had a chance to play with my new babies yet but I know I will love them very much!


My only dog that would pose for me- Sophia Loren. Reify mentioned she has my eyes and I take that as a great compliment 🙂 Sophie is so proper, shy, and regal, love her! Out of my three dogs she is the quietest and most scared of everything, so I tend to protect her the most and carry her like a baby. She is just so little and cute!


Since we are back in Chicago, I had to of course eat at my favorite place Portillos lol. We have plenty of dinner reservations planned at our favorite restaurants here, but Dunkin Donuts and Portillos I always crave and want the most 🙂

Jo and I are going to the Chicago Art Institute today with our friend Elaine and we will be shopping down Michigan Ave for last minute gifts! We will be posting our adventures on Instagram so follow us and see what we are up to ❤

Happy Tuesday,