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I am so excited it is finally Friday!!!!


This week has been super busy, but I was able to go to this fun event on Wednesday. I received an email from the Sigma store at Mall of America that they were having a 20% off event on your total purchase, so I RSVP’d and went. I got there late and stayed for about 20 minutes, it was a cute layout but with only 3 workers they were swamped.


I was able to get the Dashing Duo and the F80 Flat Kabuki Brush for myself and a 3DHD Kabuki brush for a friend. I had no intention of getting stuff for myself but the lady helping me was really nice so I caved and got the things I really wanted but swore not to get until after the Holidays LOLOLOLOL. I’m weak when I see a sale and I get good customer service.


The lady gave me so many samples!!! I couldn’t believe it. I got a sample washing glove, a lipgloss, a traveling little brush, and tons of makeup I can sample. I couldn’t believe how much she gave me 🙂


I am super excited to wash my brushes and dry them in the Dry N Shape. I had a little sample glove I loved and used a lot so I can’t wait to wash my brushes using the big glove. The best part I can use my sample little glove for traveling and easily be able to wash my brushes anywhere 🙂


I love that the Dry N Shape came with this little guide to tell me which brushes go where and I also love how I can pack my brushes in here for when I travel to make this into a multi use product!


I love my fro yo so I always visit Pinkberry inside the Macy’s at MOA, such a great tasty dessert!


We received this thank you package from Cos last week. I was so surprised and touched by it. I never expect anything from anyone so I was so happy and immediately texted Josie pictures of the card and gifts. THANK YOU SO MUCH COS, please check out her blog if you don’t already World of Cos.


Needless to say after the stress of packing tonight is over I will be relaxing with a face mask Cos generously gave us. I can’t wait for Jo to try the masks and candy too! It was really such a thoughtful amazing surprise from Cos ❤ ❤ ❤

Tomorrow I will be driving back to Chicago for my two week stay! My postings in the 2 weeks will be short. I stay with my parents when I go back to Chicago and they don’t have internet, only radio, and those big box tvs that we don’t really watch tv on lololol. I love going back home, it’s like a time warp and I have my three little dogs I miss so much.

Have a great weekend!!!!

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