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From Left to Right-Luminous Flush (champagne rose), Incandescent Electra (cool peach), Mood Exposure (soft plum) 

It’s funny when I first saw this palette, I fell in love with the colors and packaging, I immediately swatched it at Sephora eager to see how the colors would look like on my skin. To say the least they swatched terribly!!! I was so sad the colors didn’t work out on my wrist and walked away slowly and sadly.

A few weeks later I read Jacqueline’s post (A Vibrant Day) on this palette and again fell in love with it. I was so hesitant to buy it because of how the colors looked on my wrist, but finally after very little convincing from Jacqueline lol and calling the Sephora Rouge line I jumped the gun and bought it. I mean Sephora does have such a great return policy so I couldn’t resist. Ugh needless to say I will never trust a swatch again.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and I cannot put this palette down. Every single color looks amazing. I took a bunch of pictures with each different color, but (in typically Janet fashion)  I forgot which color was which so I will just post two pictures. To say this is my favorite blush is an understatement. I love Mood Exposure the most. So pretty!!! All of these colors are really buildable which I love ❤


It gives such a natural look and the light hits my cheekbones perfectly! No contouring needed, I mean wow!!!! Again I can’t get over how natural every color looks and I love all 3. I’m wearing Mood Exposure in this picture.


This is my favorite holiday palette this year and for $58 for 3 blushes I have no regrets nor buyer’s remorse. LOVE THIS THING! I go back and forth between this one and the Tarte Pin Up Blush Palette, but this week I can say it is all about the Hourglass.

I love applying it with my Sigma F15 Duo Fibre Powder/Blush! When I used different blush brushes I noticed the two pink shades made me look like a clown even with a gentle stroke, but once I used my Sigma they again went on naturally and I could build easily and blend if I did put too much.


(Image off Net A Porter)

“Now say hello to my little friend,” Velvet Underground part of the Charlotte Tilbury Collection. I received this along with two other Charlotte Tilbury products for my birthday, but sadly I left two of the products at my parents’ house 😥 I go back next week so I am not too heartbroken about leaving them at home. I can’t wait to play with those and post about them 🙂

A little background on why I love this lipstick and it is officially my favorite lipstick of all time!!! See I am OBSESSED with the band Velvet Underground. I mean I even cried and played all of VU and Lou Reed albums when Lou Reed died and was not to be disturbed that day (I can be quite dramatic, but I was really sad)

When I was younger, my oldest brother used to love to play all sorts of music while he painted in the back yard. I idolized my brother so while he painted, I would watch and sing and dance to everything he played on that boom box. I learned to love Velvet Underground, The Smiths, New Order, Joy Division, Gang of Four, etc I mean everything from him.

But there was that one song “See Jane” by the Velvet Underground he would always stop painting/creating to look at me and changed the lyrics to “See Janet” (and other verses) and dance and twirl with me. It never failed, we would dance and sing at the top of our lungs my special lyrics 🙂 I loved it and always would get so excited when that song came on.

Not only is this named just like one of my all time favorites bands, but this pink is the most amazing magenta!!! My favorite color is pink specifically Magenta, so when I got this I squealed and jumped up and down (yes I squeal like a little girl and no shame)


I immediately put it on, fell in love, and wanted to have its babies. Even more recently when I put it on, it matched my new magenta coat perfectly! The Janet Nars Audacious certainly gives this lipstick a run for its money, but the smoothness of Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks cannot be beat! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!

Whenever I put this lipstick on, I immediately hear VU’s song Femme Fatale song in my head

Here she comes, you better watch your step
She’s going to break your heart in two, it’s true It’s not hard to realize
Just look into her false colored eyes
She builds you up to just put you down, what a clown
‘Cause everybody knows (She’s a femme fatale)
The things she does to please (She’s a femme fatale)
She’s just a little tease (She’s a femme fatale)……….

I just feel so bright and so happy whenever I wear it, (the song doesn’t go with how I feel lololololol) but I can just see the people at Andy Warhol’s Factory or someone going to those crazy parties wearing this lipstick and loving it. I love all art, but Andy Warhol holds a special spot because of the series of artworks my brother painted for me inspired by Warhol.

Anyway this lipstick is my favorite lipstick of the whole year! I still love my Nars, but they take a seat back to my beloved Velvet Underground


Just gorgeous!

I hope to get more Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks, but until then I am more than happy with little VU here.

When I got this I immediately sent a picture to my brother and he responded with “perfection” and other words about the color and how very me it was and loving the name 🙂 He stated he regretted not getting it for me but no biggie since Dan got it for me and I have made Dan listen to VU way too much that the band has FINALLY grown on him after so many years! So whenever I look at my lipstick I think of my brother and my husband and smile 🙂

Have a great Wednesday

❤ Janet