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It is the week of tags!! Sorry I just love them and want to make sure I do them before I forget lol

We were tagged by the lovely Jacqueline from A Vibrant Day. She is definitely one of my favorite bloggers, so sophisticated and her Manicure Mondays are my favorite! I recently discovered she loves Paper Source as much as I do and that instantly means I love her even more 🙂 As much as I love makeup nothing beats my obsession for crafting and card making. Check out her answers here

Jacqueline’s friends Annie from Annie’s Beauty and Kristie from Kimamely Beauty thought up of these fun questions.

1) What’s your ultimate party season lip product?


This question is so hard to answer because lip products are my ultimate favorite makeup product. I change lipsticks at least twice a day because I feel bad not using all my lipsticks and I love how a simple color can change the whole “look” of the day. I am not a big lipgloss lover so the picture above is just lipsticks I am loving this week. Every week is different and the only consistent color I use once a week is Nars Audacious in Janet. I love anything dark and bold for the winter, but sometimes a pop of color like the MAC pink lipstick is always nice during the gloomy winters in Minnesota.

Honorable mentions of the week are Bite Beauty in Rhubarb, NYX Soft Matte Cream in Copenhagen, MAC Heirloom Mix in No Faux Pas, and Nars Audacious in Charlotte. I am working on a post with all my favorite lipsticks so I hope to post that before the year ends 🙂

2) What’s your winter Essential Product? 


Just like Jacqueline I don’t know what I did before discovering oils and for me it was Argan Oil. I am loving this Josie Maran one I got from Winter Dreams set. My skin is naturally super dry so finding this little gem has been a skin saver! I put it on before bed and wake up to super soft skin and I put it on in the morning before my makeup and I have soft not flaky skin for the rest of the day! I have super sensitive skin so I was worried this might break me out, but NOPE! Goes on easy and dries reasonably fast. Loves it! 

3) What are you most hoping to see under the Christmas Tree?

Honestly the only thing I really wanted was an in between coat. I have a pea coat and my big puffy Northface which I love (image from Google)


I love my Northface coat and feel invincible in it, but I wanted something for when the weather was cold, but not that cold to have to wear my puffy coat, basically when it’s 50 degrees to 20 degrees and my pea coat was just too flimsy and it didn’t give me enough warmth.

When we went to the mall this weekend, they just opened up a LL Bean (we have family matching boots from them and love love love LL Bean) and we had a 20% off coupon. I saw this (google image) and immediately tried it on.


Needless to say this baby came home with me, so there went the one gift I really wanted lol. I am the worst to get gifts for because I always just end up buying stuff for myself 😦  I am not patient whatsoever!

So now my list only consists of more Nars Audacious Lipsticks and the MAC Concealer palette in Medium (image from MAC)


I’ve been dying to try this palette. I don’t really like powder foundations or powder concealers so this palette is perfect! I won’t get my hopes up too high but Dan if you are reading this,  I really want this palette 🙂

4) Name one beauty essential that’s never missing from your bag during colder months


I can’t name just one, I need both my hand lotion and chapstick!! I can’t live without these two things and in my life. I absolutely love my Jack Black lip balm in all flavors but Grapefruit is my all time favorite flavor, with SPF 25 and delicious scent mmmm love! I also love my Rachel Roy EOS that smells so good and I love applying it and find it so unique. Hand lotions need to always be in my purse, I wash my hands so much that if I don’t apply lotion after washing them they crack and bleed in this cold weather. I love my L’Occitane lotion, but in reality I am open to all hand creams I just need one in my purse at all times.

5) What are your winter weather skincare saviours?


I don’t really have any exclusive winter care products, but I especially love these products. Josie Maran Argan Oil to keep my dry skin dewy and Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil to wash my face. The cleansing oil is one of my favorite finds from the VIB sale, once I run out I am getting the full size version. I love the citrus smell and the instant I put it on my face and rub it in the smell and the feeling immediately relaxes me. I don’t think it takes off all my makeup like it claims, but I always use a makeup remover cloth first then the oil to make sure everything comes off and it does 🙂 As always St Ives Apricot Scrub will always be on list of favorite skin care products. I have been using it since high school and I love how it scrubs off all of my dead skin. I even use it to exfoliate my legs after I shave them. For the price and the amount of product you get you can’t beat it

6) What’s winter going to smell like this year?


Besides the pine smell I love and cinnamon pine cones I buy from Joann’s, nothing really is exclusively Christmas so I took a picture of the perfumes I have gravitated towards this month. My love for Tocca runs deep and these two have been used a lot Colette and Cleopatra mmm. Colette is described as warm, spicy, and sweet and Cleopatra as powerful, seductive, and vivacious (the grapefruit smell reminds me of warm weather so I like to use it to remind me of the warm days I won’t see for awhile)

7) Is the Berry eye the new Berry lip? 

Jacqueline got it on the money when she posted this Sephora picture of the new Sephora color- Marsala. Cannot wait to get my berry eyeshadow for next year 🙂


8) What are you greatest winter indulgences?


I feel like this is a little kid answer, but I love chocolate during the winter!  In general I love all sweets and never turn down anything that is on the dessert menu down, but in the winter I always stock up on chocolates. I mean why else did they make Advent Calendars with cute little chocolates in them to eat happily each day in the month of December. Yes I bought 3 calendars, 2 of which are mine and one is my son’s. I knew my husband wouldn’t eat the chocolate, but they were only $1 so I had to get one for him or he would feel left out (but not really lol.) Yes, I can eat a whole box of chocolates/truffles in one sitting and never feel sick or gross about myself. In the summer I can eat popsicles and cotton candy and never tire. You literally have to threaten me to leave desserts alone. I hate going to buffets, I don’t eat much food in one sitting, but where I lose my money on the actual food part I make up for it in the dessert section. Fruits, ice cream, pastries, yes please and I will make multiple trips back to that section only.

9) Lush Christmas? Your top pick?

😦 I have only tried a couple of their face masks, which I love, but I can’t say a top pick because I haven’t tried their Holiday stuff or for that matter much of their stuff. I hope to though and then I can update this and give my answer 🙂

10) Name one (or more) random winter essential.


From my boots to my scarves I love them too much! Snow is around most the year so I need my LL Bean boots, but when it’s not slushy and just cold I love my Uggs. For the days/nights I am going out to eat or an occasion I love my Dolce Vita boots and my Old Navy short boots.


Scarves are just a necessity, I don’t like wearing turtle necks sweaters all the time, but I need something to keep my neck warm. I love receiving scarves as gifts because I will always wear them and they make a good accessory 🙂

This tag was so much fun! Thanks again Jacqueline for tagging us 🙂

I would like to tag everyone but especially Katie from Plus + Beauty (she lives in Las Vegas and her posts are always a treat to read,) Cos from The World of Cos (another blog I love  and her hubby just created an ingenious travel Z Palette using an Altoid tin I need in my life) Boobs and Blonde from boobsandblonde (she is sassy in a great way and a fun read, one I get super excited for when she posts and it comes up on my blog roll <3) and last but not least Reify from Reifylove (she lives in Germany and we instantly clicked. I am doing a swap with her in January and it has been so much shopping for her 🙂 

I am just about to catch up on reading blog posts so if you were tagged and have done this already or if you just are tired of tags in general that’s ok I understand. It is just so nice getting to know about other Bloggers and every one lives in different climates so one’s winter essential may be completely different from someone else.

Hope you enjoyed reading

****Note- Reify is doing an amazing GIVEAWAY an URBAN DECAY ON THE RUN PALETTE**** If you don’t own it yet this is a great and simple giveaway to sign up for, yes it is open to International bloggers too so READ THE RULES HERE*****

xoxo Janet